This post is dedicated to geeks who want to let their passions shine through their decor. This graphic gives cool examples of accessories that you can introduce into your home to give people an idea of the geekier side of your life. Some are subtle, like the equation bookshelf, while others are more in your face, such as the giant rubrics cube coffee tables. What all of these share is how they have incorporated elements considered to be 'geeky' into stylish decor.

A personal favourite is the wall that has apparently been repaired by Lego bricks. We assume that this isn't actually the case, but if we were buying a property with that in we'd certainly want a thorough survey done. Whatever style of decoration you prefer, if you're looking to add something a little fun and a tad geeky to your home then this piece will help give you some great ideas

Embrace Your Geekness In Style Infographic