Have you ever tried to make an authentic Mexican chilli or an Italian pasta but been unable to get the flavours quite right? Well this is a common problem for enthusiastic cooking aficionados. Each country has its own unique blend of flavours, all created using a specific combination of herbs and spices. So getting the right flavours can be a bit tricky and can take a lot of trial and error to get just right.

So to help you perfect your recipes we have compiled a handy guide to cuisine components. Using this guide you will be able to identify which herbs and spices you need, and as a result will be able to replicate an authentic French Pot-Au-Feu, a Spanish Paella or even an English Chicken Tikka Masala.

This is the perfect kitchen companion and can be printed off and stuck inside your kitchen cabinet, as your handy herb guide. So next time you are cooking and want to replicate the flavours of your favourite country use this easy to follow guide and your recipes will have that authentic taste.

Cuisine Around The World Infographic