13 awesome student hacks

Check out our awesome student hacks to help your digs feel like home-from-home. They won't cost a fortune, but they will help you survive the first, stressful year away from home. We've included tips and tricks that can make life easier; from cool storage tips to great ways to create a calming ambience, you'll find our infographic may just be the answer to help you settle into your new living space.

This is your chance to have your room the way you want it - be warned there can be some hard and fast rules laid down by the landlord, so take on-board our tips and tricks and enjoy the freedom uni life offers. P.S. Don't forget your teddy - he may be have been tucked away when you lived at home but you may find that you need him now more than ever - well at least until you've found a new friendship.

13 Awesome Student Hacks