Should I go for a traditional cushion or something more modern?

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This sort of question comes up all the time, people are just not sure of what choices will look good in their home. The easy answer of course is to go with what appeals most to you, normally we tend to stick with choices that complement our own personal preferences and therefore the things we put together more often than not will match.

That however, brings up the question of matching. By matching do we mean things that are identical in pattern, colour and style or simply things that go together in a pleasing way. It is quite possible to have things that complement each other whilst still being very different in many ways and cushions are no different.

Blue, Grey And Checked Cushions On A Cream Sofa

There is most definitely a style to cushions just as there is in clothes or shoes and you will find that certain shapes, colours or patters are more ‘in vogue’ at certain times. These are what would be classed as the modern cushion if you like, whilst the traditional cushion would be the one that has stood the test of time over many years and is still widely available, although it may have a style make over from time to time.

There are a huge variety of cushions to choose from these days, from the traditional square to the oblong shaped or round, from plaid to silk to knitted, and all these come in a vast array of colours but some may not be suitable for certain areas, let’s look at why. The best way to decide which cushion will best suit your needs is to firstly look at where your cushion will go and what use it will be put to. If you want a cushion to just brighten up a dark corner seat then it doesn’t matter what type of filling or cover you have as long as you like its style.

Light Blue Leaf Patterned Cushion On A Beige Sofa

Alternatively, if your cushion is for a high wear and tear area like the main seating arrangement then you should opt for something a little more robust and probably washable. If your cushion is simply for decorative purposes in a bedroom then the question of wear and tear will not be so important unless of course you frequently eat or drink in bed or have pets or children that share this space with you.

So, now that we have decided what your cushion is for it will give you an idea of the choices available to you. As we have said before the variety of cushions is huge but some will not be suitable for some areas of the home because of the fabric from which they are made. For example it would not be wise to have a delicate lace cushion in a high wear and tear area as the excessive washing it might need would shorten it’s life and the same might be said for silk or wool. If your cushions are for a dining room or kitchen it might be best to go for a synthetic cover that will stand some harder wear and tear or even one made with a wipe clean surface such as PVC.

Bright Sunlight Through Voile Curtain Panels Shining On A Made Bed

Some cushion designs are timeless, like traditional chenille or classic tartan, and although in some ways these might be considered dated new trends and colour-ways can bring them right up to date. More modern cushions can be almost any colour or pattern with animal prints, bold embellishments and bright neon colours widely available.

There are knitted cushions, buttoned cushions, cushions with pleats and cushions with frills. There are cushions in all sizes and shapes and whatever your seating choice there will almost definitely be a cushion to fit it. if you can't find exactly what you're looking for ready-made you always have the option of buying fabric and making your own bespoke cushions.

Breakfast In Bed On Beige BeddingThe cushion was first introduced to large country houses in the middle ages as a way to add a little comfort to old draughty rooms where seating was usually wood or even stone and the first cushions were generally made from rather hard leather. Today the cushion has become a standard addition to almost every home and can be found in all areas from living rooms to gardens. Choose a cushion that suits the style of your home, your decorating motif and most of all choose one that gives you a sense of satisfaction

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