How to compliment cushions with other furnishings for the home

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Cushions have recently become a vital part of home décor, these days it would be hard to find a household where there were no cushions at all. In the past the humble cushion used to be something that was just an afterthought and merely used to give a little support for your back, or to prop up the baby. Well all that has changed, and now the cushion is almost as big a fashion item as your new outfit, perhaps even more so.

The secret of good cushion choice is really quite simple and not something that needs hours of planning or discussion, although it does make sense to do a little research before you buy. Spend a little time browsing to get a feel for what is available within your budget. Explore all options, such as colours, designs, styles and patterns. if you want to add an on-trend look, see what the latest trends are. Maybe choose cushions that can be swapped according to the seasons or special times of the year such as Halloween and Christmas

Two Headed Lamp Shining On A Grey Sofa                                                                                                                                Your home furnishings are a reflection of your personal tastes and if you want to add cushions then it is probably best to choose items that draw your eye easily. We are all naturally drawn to certain colours, styles and fashions, this is what makes our choices unique and personal to us. If you take a moment to look around your home you will probably find a definite style behind most of your decorative items, be it vibrant and colourful, quietly understated or wildly eclectic.

This is the style that appeals to your eye, and this is what you should stick to when choosing new items to compliment your existing décor. That said there is no reason why you can’t go a little wild and add colour, design and depth to your seating with new cushions. Your sofa, bed or chaise lounge need not be a boring afterthought and with the right cushions tired furniture can be given a new life, or a plain room can be brought alive and made warm and welcoming. There is such a huge choice now to be found in the cushion department that no matter what your needs it is more than likely that your cushion will be readily available. If not you can make your ow n cushions using a variety of different fabrics or coordinate your entire seating area with identical cushions. The choice is yours!

Traditional Teddy Bear Next To Festive Grey Cushions

One thing to remember with cushion arrangement is that for most people there is such a thing as too many, generally cushions on a sofa should be around six or eight depending on size. The smaller the sofa the fewer the amount of cushions and on your bed probably about the same. A twin bed may only need one or possibly two cushions to make it look comfortably stylish, while a king size bed will require more for it to look balanced and chic.

When arranging cushions on your sofa it is best to stick to the trend of larger, perhaps plainer, cushions at the back and smaller more decorative cushions in front of them where they will give more impact. Some gorgeous effects can be obtained by mixing different shapes of cushion using round or bolster shapes in tactile fabrics such as silk, or velvet or by using bold patterns. If you have curtains or blinds it can give a chic effect to pick out a pattern or colour and choose your cushions to match, be careful though as a room where everything matches exactly can look small and overcrowded, and you might end up with a look that is difficult to live with.

Yellow And Grey Cushions Behind A Wooden Coffee TableAnother fabulous effect can be matching your cushions to rugs or throws, and perhaps having some large floor cushions to bring the look together. Remember when choosing your cushions that some fabrics will need specialist cleaning and care like silk or wool. These cushions can also be quite expensive, although with the right care they will last a long time. If you have children or pets then perhaps it would make sense to opt for choices with durable, washable fabrics.

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