How to choose different cushions that will work together

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When it comes to choosing cushions for your home it is quite easy to get lost in the enormous variety there is to choose from. You just have to look in any home decorating store, popular interior décor magazine or blog to see the huge variations and different ideas that are available.

Unfortunately sometimes too much choice can be more difficult than not enough, and when faced with too many options some people can get a little overwhelmed and just go for the easiest or most common options This can be a wasted opportunity as cushions, when used properly, can be the perfect finishing touch to any room.

Grey And Bright Yellow Cushions On A Dark Grey Sofa


The popularity of the cushion has grown considerably over recent years and much of this is to do with the fact that a few well chosen, and well placed cushions, can alter the décor of a given room at a fraction of the cost of a complete room makeover. Indeed, the humble cushion has become the interior designers favourite 'must have' item.

Cushions are very affordable, easy to source and widely available in a staggering array of colours, styles and designs.  It is interesting to note that many new sofas come with cushions included and these can quite often be all that you may need. However, sometimes by adding a couple of cushions in a complementary colour or design you can achieve a more personal look and feel. This said some cushions can be quite expensive depending on the cushion filling and cover material.

Materials like fine silk and soft cashmere wool are considered by many to be the height of luxury, but they can be costly and may well need specialist care, so bear this in mind before you buy. Choosing cushions is obviously a very personal thing and what one person will love another will most definitely not. That said, if you follow a few simple rules your cushion display will not only be pleasing to the eye but also a useful addition to your room.

Alternating Coloured Cushions On A Dark Blue Corner Sofa

One thing to take into account when you are buying new cushions is what are the cushions going to be used for. If you need cushions to be simply decorative, perhaps for a splash of colour in a plain room, then you can choose from the most vibrant and colourful cushions and perhaps go for a cover that is tactile, embellished and interesting.

Striking patterns and animal prints work well as an eye catching centre piece. If, on the other hand you need your cushions to be more practical, like chair pads or support cushions, then you will need to pay more attention to the filling and perhaps go for a washable cover. This can be especially important if you have animals or children in the home.

When organising your cushions it is the norm to use any larger, perhaps plainer cushions, at the rear of your display, and this will leave the smaller more decorative and perhaps more colourful cushions to be placed at the front where they will give the most visual impact.

Tea Tray On A Cream And Beige Bed

 If you stick to matching just one aspect, such as a specific colour or pattern, and using this throughout your cushions it will give a beautiful coordinated effect without becoming too overpowering on the eye. Bear in mind that if you match everything in your room exactly it may make your room look smaller and too cluttered.  

Cushions come in a huge range of sizes and shapes, from standard squares to bolster rolls, boudoir styles and decorative circular designs.There are plain, pleated, buttoned and gathered designs to choose from, and by using a combination of different cushion shapes in a matching colour or pattern you can create a pleasant eye catching display.

Alternately if you are a little more adventurous then try mixing some bright vibrant colours or bold patterns in amongst the plainer cushions. Sometimes it is possible to pick out one pattern or colour that runs through your whole décor and doing this can give a well balanced, stylish and modern feel to your room. 

Live And Laugh Black Cushion On A Window Bench

Remember that whatever your choice in cushions, be it subdued and calm, eclectic and colourful or modern and striking, a little care when making your selections can give extremely worthwhile results, and of course, the all important finishing touches to the room. 

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