Considering price: how much should you spend for a quality cushion?

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The quality of the cushion isn't necessarily an issue of price, but an issue of craftsmanship, type of material and design quality. Your decorating style is the most important element to use when purchasing a decorative cushion. Colour, design, size, embroidery, embellishments and fabrics all create a unique pillow that is often not used alone to create a sumptuous design.

One fantastic cushion can be the finishing touch to a large grouping, but you can have one too many or ones that create too much of one colour or too much difference in texture. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't create a layered look. In fact, layering several cushions can be exactly what you need for a finished look in your room. The bolder the print or the busier it is on the pillows, the more you need a solid or subtle pattern to reign in the décor and make it liveable.

Bright Yellow And Grey Cushions Behind A Wooden Coffee Table

Neutral tone choices

Using neutral tones not only showcases beautiful prints or embellished cushions and gives the entire decorating scheme a great deal of appeal, making them exciting and interesting rather than garish and brash. Contrasting textures need to be included in the mix, so choosing nubby finishes or a soft velvety finish can be important, particularly when used on materials like leather.

Detailing, such as embroidery or piping can also add to the texture interest. A misshapen cushion may be at the end of its life and ready to be replaced. No matter how expensive the cushion, all products have a life expectancy. If you find your cushion is lumpy or dishevelled, it can destroy the look you've hoped to achieve. If you truly love the cushion and the exterior is still in good shape, you can replace the insides with a new filling pad.

Traditional Teddy Bear On Beige Sofa, Next to Grey Festive Cushions

When purchasing neutral toned pillows that can be used in any room, consider getting the best possible quality and strongest fabric. These tones often are used through several decorating changes and in several different rooms. Consider cushions that can be used in a variety of rooms.

Some cushions just don't look right anywhere except the bedroom or living room. It might be the design, colour or pattern that limits their use. However, let your imagination be your guide. Many people find a cushion they love and design the rest of the room around it. Our range of quality cushions start from as low as £5, making them exceptional value for money and very affordable.

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