My cushions are a bit dishevelled, is it time to replace them?

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

If your cushions are lumpy, thinning or stained beyond repair, the answer is a definite yes to replacing them. You can tell if it's time to replace any cushion by seeing if it's misshapen or lumpy. Dishevelled cushions may just need washing and fluffing in the dryer or by hand. If you can't wash it, take it to the cleaners and see if that helps. Of course, at our low prices, getting a brand new cushion is often less expensive than taking it to the dry cleaners and you'll have a new cushion for a brand new look.

Yellow Cushion On Leather Bench 

Thinning fabric patches

Thinning fabric can occur. Dust accumulates in cushions and acts almost like sandpaper against the fabric, thinning it to the point where the white of the filling may show through it. Those cushions are ready for replacement. In order to prevent this from occurring, vacuum the cushion frequently. It's simple to do if you have a hose attachment for the vacuum and will extend the life of a cushion quite a bit, plus keep your cushion looking its best.

Torn seems

You can mend torn seams on cushions, which is an option many people chose for a special cushion. If the seam is worn, another option is to add piping to extend the life of the cushion. You may find the time and money you put into this project costs as much as purchasing a new cushion from our collection, so it's an option that's best saved for those cushions that have a special place in your heart.

Outdated designs and patterns

Sometimes, your cushions will just look outdated or need something more to give a cohesive look to your décor. Before you throw out all of your cushions, consider adding one or two new ones to the grouping to see if that doesn't improve their appearance. Too few decorative cushions can look stark and unfinished, yes, even dishevelled, so before you toss any out, revisit the grouping to see if you just need a little more contrast, colour, design or texture. You'll often find that one or two more to a grouping (and occasionally, one or two fewer) can change the overall look of your décor and even change your feelings toward your existing decorative cushions.

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Here at Terrys Fabrics we have an extensive range of cheap cushions, so you'll be able to change them as soon as you think they are starting to look dishevelled and worn.

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