How resilient are cushions? Can they be sat on in the garden?

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This is a very quirky question and has no simple or obvious answer. There are many types of cushions that are specifically made to be used outdoors and normally these will be constructed from weather resistant materials that will give some greater protection from the elements. These can be used on a day to day basis for sitting or lying on.

Outdoor and waterproof cushions

The term ‘outdoor’ generally means that these cushions are made from fabrics that are more hard wearing than a cushion used for perhaps just placing on a bed or sofa indoors, something like linen calico or twill. Canvas is a much used material as it is extremely hard wearing and durable. It is used in the manufacture of chairs, covers and seat linings.

A Rainbow Of Cushion Colours On A Cream Sofa In The Garden

These days there are even materials that are made to be completely waterproof and these can obviously be left outside for much longer without causing damage. There are several plastic based materials that are as soft and pliable as any normal cushion fabric and these would be ideal for sitting outside if the weather was inclement.

There are cushions that are made from all types of fabrics to fit all types of outdoor seating from steamer chairs to rattan sofas in many different colours and styles. If you want to use your chosen cushion outside then obviously it is best to have one that is designed specifically with that purpose in mind. This will probably mean that as well as a weather resistant cover the filling also has weather proof properties. Again these fillings are often made from plastic based materials but are manufactured to be as soft and comfortable as any indoor fabric.

Normal household cushions

Generally normal household cushions would be fine to use outside as long as they are kept clean and dry. Should they get wet or dirty then it is a good idea to clean them immediately, following manufacturers cleaning guidelines. If you have a good dry day and a nicely kept lawn then there is no reason not to make a wonderful outdoor space using any cushions you might have to hand.

It might be an idea to use a waterproof picnic blanket or some form of base, perhaps a blanket or throw to give a little extra protection. Or should you have a cosy corner that could be made into a seating area then that also could be turned into a delightful place to sit and read or just relax in the sun.

Three Cushions Stacked On Top Of A Wooden Bed Side Table

Cushion longevity

Remember that your cushions are not meant to last forever no matter what materials are used in their manufacture. Life would be very boring indeed if we had to live with the same cushions throughout our lives! It's also worth noting that sunlight will fade fabrics over time, so keep your cushions in the shade as often as you can to help prolong their beauty.

There is a world of cushions on our site for you to explore so go for it. Let your inner designer loose, the British summer doesn’t generally last too long so don’t waste time worrying about your cushions, just remember to take them back inside when it starts raining and the evenings begin to become damp if you want them to retain their looks for as long as possible.

Bright Yellow Cushion On Black Leather Bench, In Front Of Concrete Wall

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