Seven Different Ways to Hang Curtains

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

Having beautifully dressed window is easy if you spend the time to take a look at all the different options open to you. It's not only colour, pattern and styles you need to consider, you should also take into account the various ways of hanging curtains to that the look at the best and enhance the appearance of your windows and rooms.

High hold backs

Typically we use tie-back at the centre of the curtains, however, if you're looking for a more refined and elegant window dressing use the tie-backs up high, about a third of the way down from the track, to create a grandiose and stunning window dressing.

Made to measure or ready made?

Ready made curtains are quick, convenient and available in a variety of styles, patterns and colours. Finding curtains online or buying cheap curtains online will give you plenty of choices. On the other hand made to measure curtains offer you the freedom of having exactly what you want, which is especially useful if you want more than the standard headings or more complex window dressing styles.

The long and the short

The dilemma whether you have extra long ready made curtains or curtains which sit just below your window sill is a matter of personal choice, however, full length curtains are an interior designers preference in all rooms, bar the kitchen and bathroom in most cases.


These are great way of dressing large, tall windows without swathing your windows in yards of fabric – too much curtain fabric can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Bay Windows

No longer the bane of anyone's life, bay windows can dressing in various ways suing curtains hung from poles or tracks which have designed to fit the angles of a bay window. Roman blinds are also a superb window dressing choice as you can fit a blind into each section of the bay – raise them to different levels to give afresh modern look to your home.

Roman Blinds

Give your windows a soft edge by using Roman blinds. If you want to harmonise your living room make your own blinds using the same or as near a match as you can find to your other soft furnishings. Don't forget that Roman blinds won't give you any privacy from the outside world when they are raised – you could use café styled curtains on the bottom half of your window to create a trendy window dressing which also provides privacy.

Layered Curtains

Use whatever colour or pattern of curtains you like and team them with the latest flexible wooden blinds which can be pulled up to resemble a wooden Roman blind.

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