Just as your choice of fabric can greatly affect the look and usability of your curtains, so too can the choice of heading. From triple pleat to slot top, each heading has its perks and problems and consequently should be considered before purchasing a pair of curtains. Relatively new to the world of curtains; an eyelet or ring top heading consists of a row of metal rings set into the top of the curtain fabric so that the curtain pole can slide through.

Heading choices and options

This simple heading is extremely easy to open and close and creates neat and effective folds of fabric when closed. Furthermore, because of the slimline heading, the curtains fold away very neatly, which makes them a great choice for smaller windows or dark rooms where maximum exposure is required. Their effective folds can also, however, create long and thin curtains that look somewhat lost against larger windows.

Curtain lining options

To try and input some weight back in to the curtains. It can help to interline the fabric, which will also help to insulate the room. Although some may consider the simplistic style of these curtains somewhat bland in comparison to the more elaborate heading styles it is possible to create a unique and sharp finish with clever use of pattern and colour.

Bold pattern choices

The basic, no fuss finish of eyelet curtains means that you can effectively use very bold and hectic pattern without it appearing too overpowering or busy. Furthermore, maintain the clean finish by choosing coordinating rings and poles in a matching finish to the metal used elsewhere in the room, whether it is brass, chrome, cast iron or antique gold. Eyelet curtains can look particularly effective when adding a band of fabric to the bottom or top section of the curtain. Use a statement fabric for the band with a complementary plain fabric for a fashionable compromise between plains and patterns.

Minimalist design options

On the other hand, for a minimalist finish in rooms already filled with pattern, a plain fabric in a contrasting colour to the colour of the rings can look classically stylish. This works particularly well when teamed with a roman blind or similar. For example, choose a large check print in blacks and creams for your blind. Dress this with coordinating cream eyelet curtains and use black rings and curtain pole to add a modest contrast and repeat the colour pallet used in the blind.

To summarise, eyelet curtains offer a simplistically stylish option great for contemporary homes or rooms that are already rather busy and colourful. Their basic formation and folding pattern means that they are suitable for all types of fabric and patterns. Consider making a statement out of the heading by choosing contrasting rings and curtain pole to the fabric. Finally if using these curtains on particularly long or wide windows; add some bulk and luxury by interlining and choosing a patterned fabric with a horizontal pattern to accentuate the width of the curtain.