When designing any room in your house, your children’s bedrooms are the places where you can have the most fun and experiment with whacky designs and colour combinations. From pirates to princesses, dependant on your child’s taste and favourite characters, their room can almost act as a stage for them to play out their dreams and fantasies. Alongside the bedding and wallpaper, curtains are a simple yet hugely effective way to bring some character to your children’s room. With a great choice of fabric and a dose of your own imagination, this article gives you some top tips on how to create cool curtains for your kids.

Choose Your World

Whether looking to update your child’s bedroom as they grow or looking to start from scratch, it is important that you decide on a theme for the room before you begin. This can range from fairytales, favourite films, robots, jungles, sea life, castles and more. It may even be as simple as deciding to incorporate as many of your child’s favourite toys and characters as possible. Once you have decided, you can begin searching for the perfect pair of curtains.

Play Around

Available in most fabric and homeware shops, you will find a huge selection of printed fabrics and ready made curtains for children. From Disney characters to zoo animals to subtle daisy chains, these fabrics provide you with a hugely simple and effective way to transform your window. In order to keep your child’s room sharp and not too over the top, keep your choice of window dressing relatively simple. If a floor to ceiling drop of pattern is too much for the room why not consider choosing plain curtains and adding a band of patterned fabric at the top or bottom of the curtain. To keep the shape clean and subtle, consider using pencil pleat headings, eyelet headings or even a roman blind. It may even be beneficial to line your curtains with black out lining to ensure your child has the best sleep possible.

Be Imaginative

For the daring amongst us, why not consider making your child’s curtains something of a talking point? For example, if your child’s room is jungle themed, why not add green voile in front of a plain fabric, sew a leafy trellis to the leading edge or top of the curtain and suspend on a long and almost straight branch from your local forest.

Furthermore, you could suspend small monkey teddies from the ends of the pole to give it that final jungle kick. If on the other hand, your child’s room is castle themed; why not keep your curtains simple and plain and design a pelmet trimmed in coordinating cord in the shape of lots of crests of arms. Once made, use felt to write each letter of your child’s name in adjacent crest of arms shapes. Finish the window off with coordinating tiebacks for an equally grand look.

Whatever theme or goal you have for your child’s room, do not be scared to experiment and have fun. Remember that, unlike other rooms in your house, your child’s room is not only there to look nice but also to encourage play, learning, dreaming and fun.