How do I know what size curtain pole to purchase once I’ve measured my window?

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

When you receive your lovely new curtains and curtain pole and you’re all geared up with the right tools (or even a professional fitter on the job) and ready to get down to the task of fitting it, there is nothing more frustrating than taking it out of its protective packaging and offering it up to the window only to find that it’s the wrong size - particularly if it’s too short! The tools have to be put away (or the fitter sent away), the job put on hold and the curtain pole returned to its place of purchase, assuming you still have all the packaging in a returnable condition and it hasn’t been thrown away.

Importance of accurate measurements

If you are going to the trouble and expense of ordering custom made curtain poles then you will be able to specify your exact finished pole length. The plus side to doing this is that your pole will come already cut to your specified length and you will not need to trim or cut it to size. You will simply need to correctly space and fit the brackets and then fit the pole, finials and curtain pole rings where appropriate. However, if you get your measurements wrong at all, custom made items are not usually returnable. Not a problem if your pole is too long, you will simply have to cut it down to size yourself and a disaster is avoided. But, if your pole is too short then there is little or nothing that you can do.

White Curtain Pole

Ordering custom made eyelet curtain poles usually means that you have to purchase them in component parts too, which means remembering to order all the other parts that you’ll need to assemble your pole such as the brackets, finials, joining splices and the correct number of curtain pole rings for your width of pole. So should you forget to order any of these parts or should any of them be missing from your delivery, then this again will cause hold-ups and inconvenience in fitting your new curtain pole.

At Terry’s, our years of experience in selling and fitting curtain poles has taught us well and we now only sell curtain poles in complete kit form, with everything you need to fit them pre-packaged for you, including full fitting instructions, so you need not worry about remembering to order all the component parts and add-ons. All our pre-packed pole kits also come in useful set lengths to make your size selection much easier and more importantly to guarantee that you end up with enough curtain pole for your window.

Size options for straight curtain poles


Our complete 28mm diameter wooden curtain pole kits for straight windows are available in pre-cut lengths from 120cms up to 400cms. Poles over two meters long are supplied in two halves with a centre joining screw and centre support bracket. Our 35mm curtain poles are available in kit sizes from 150 cms to 360cms and again any poles over 2meters long are supplied in two halves as detailed above.

Dark Wooden Curtain Pole


Our complete 28mm chrome curtain poles for straight windows are available in kit sizes from 125cms up to 400cms. Metal curtain poles metal over two meters long are supplied in two halves with a centre joining splice and centre support bracket.

Hanging Curtains On Pole

Our 35mm metal curtain pole ranges are available in kit sizes from 150cms to 400cms. Again, any of these poles that are over two meters long are supplied in two halves with a centre joining splice and centre support bracket.

Size options for bay window curtain poles

Our County 19mm bay window curtain poles or rods are available in one size only of up to 420cms and are supplied in two halves, with a 90cm add on returns kit available. Our 28mm metal bay window curtain pole kits offer two size options. Up to 420cms for a 3 sided bay window and up to 390cms for a 5 sided bay window. Both bay window pole kits come with all necessary corner joints, joining splices, finials, brackets and rings included and there is also a 90cm additional returns kit available.

Which size to order?

To be confident in ordering the correct curtain pole size for your window, we recommend that you order the nearest size to your calculated overall pole width measurement, but to always go to the nearest size up and not down. If your calculated pole size is only a few centimetres over one of the set pole sizes (e.g your measurement is 154cms and there is a set size option of 150cms) or if your calculated measurement falls halfway between two of the available size options, then always air on the side of caution and go to the next size up rather than leave yourself short on the pole width for the sake of saving a few pounds.

Gold Eyelet Curtain Pole

All of our curtain pole kits are very affordably priced, can be cut to size to fully customize them and can be returned for a full no quibble refund or exchange if they are returned in a saleable condition with their original packaging and have not been cut down at all. So should you make a mistake with size, colour or style choices for your curtain poles and tracks then there is absolutely no problem exchanging your purchase for a more suitable curtain pole kit or size.

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