What curtain headings can be used with a curtain pole?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? And which do you decide on first, your style of curtain heading or whether to have a pole or track? If you’ve decided you definitely want a curtain pole then can you have the style of heading that you were thinking of and if not what headings can you have on a curtain pole and are your choices more limited on a curtain pole than they are on a curtain track?????

Well the simple and straight forward answer to this is that you can have more or less any type of curtain heading that you like with a curtain pole. Gathered headings such as 3”, 6” and even 9” pencil pleat taped headings are all fine on a curtain pole and will work equally as well and look equally as nice (if not nicer) on a curtain pole than they would on a curtain track. Pinch pleat, goblet, tab-top and eyelet headings are not only fine on curtain poles, but can only be fitted on curtain poles for best effect, rather than on curtain tracks. So if these are your preferred headings then you will actually need a curtain pole and not a curtain track.

The only exception to this would be eyelet or tab-top curtains on a wooden curtain pole. Tab-top curtains have fabric loops at the top and each loop is approximately 15cms long from the top to where it meets the curtain. If the wooden curtain pole that you wish to purchase, or already have, is a very thick wooden pole with say for example a 50mm or 65mm diameter pole, then it would be too thick and chunky for the fabric loops to side onto to. Similarly, if you want to go for eyelet (also known as grommet or ring-top) curtains then there are two things to take into consideration from the off.

Firstly the curtain pole diameter; and this applies to metal curtain poles as well as wooden curtain poles. Eyelet rings have an internal diameter of approximately 40mm and the ideal size for a curtain pole for eyelet heading is 28mm. If your pole is a little narrower in diameter than that then you’ll still be fine with eyelet curtains. But if your pole is any thicker then it would not be advisable or possible to fit eyelet rings to such a thick pole. You can at a push put eyelet curtains on a 35mm pole but there will not be much clearance for the eyelets to operate properly and the curtains would be best used as dress curtains in this instance.

If you have a 28mm wooden curtain pole then, you may think that it’s fine to put an eyelet heading on it, but we would strongly advise against it. There is a good possibility if you have working eyelet curtains on a wooden curtain pole, that the metal eyelet rings will scratch the wood, leaving you with a less than lack lustre curtain pole to look at. However, if you simply want to add eyelet curtains to your existing wooden curtain pole as dress curtains only (curtains that are not closed) to spruce up the window and change the look a little, then there is no reason why you can’t use your existing wooden curtain pole for your eyelet headed curtains.

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