I’m on a budget, can I find a cheap pole that will do the job and still look great?

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We’d all love to be able to splash some cash on our homes from time to time to keep them looking stylish, trendy and bang up to date. ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’ isn’t always possible though and when it comes to updating your window treatments, we know that you won’t want to be taking out a second mortgage or a bank loan! But even if you’re on a tight budget you can make stylish but affordable choices for your windows that will make all the difference between your home looking lived in or loved. If it’s time to fit a new curtain pole or two then here are some ideas that will be as easy on your pocket as they are on the eye.

Cheap & nasty or inexpensive and classy?

This is where we need to make you aware of something very important about Terry’s Fabrics: WARNING! We don’t sell cheap curtain poles at Terry’s Fabrics! Cheap is a word we don’t much care for because cheapness is all too often associated with poor-quality, sub-standard products that don’t stand the test of time, or give good value for money, rather than an association with low price; so you won’t find any ‘cheap’ curtain poles at Terry’s.

Eyelet Curtain Pole On The Left

If however, by ‘cheap’ you mean high-quality, affordable curtain poles, that don’t compromise on style or choice, then you will, find hundreds at Terry’s! We just prefer to call them ‘inexpensive’. The combined skills and years of experience of our buying team mean that we know good quality and good value for money curtain poles when we see them and we will accept nothing less if they are to make it into our select range of quality, stylish and affordable curtain poles. Our company slogan has always been...”transform your home for less”..... and our buying team keep this forefront in their minds when selecting all our products, not just our curtain poles. So don’t be fooled into thinking that the cheapest curtain pole you can find is the best option for your budget. You may find ‘cheap’ curtain poles that cost even less than ours elsewhere, but we can bet you a pound to a penny that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for and may even end up shelling out on a replacement if it doesn’t last or offer good value for money.

Chrome Curtain Pole

We can assure you that every curtain pole we include in our range at Terry’s Fabrics has passed our quality control standards, is fit for purpose and is excellent value for money. You can buy from us with confidence, knowing that the product you receive will be a good investment, even if it’s only takes a small investment of you hard earned cash!

Our best selling Metal Curtain Poles

If a metal curtain pole is what you had in mind then why not check out our 28mm chrome curtain pole. These metal curtain poles are manufactured to a very high standard with a very low price tag. The poles come as a complete package with everything you need to install them so there are no hidden extras to add on to the price. The collection boasts a range of 5 different colour options and finishes and comes with a 65mm plain ball finial which is compatible with most curtain headings including eyelets. The collection has matching metal hold-backs available too, to help give your budget window the look and feel of a high price tag job.

Money saving eyelet poles

Even more popular than our Ball 28mm full curtain poles kits are our metal eyelet poles. No one likes spending money on things they don’t need, so with that in mind, our eyelet curtain poles have been designed especially for hanging eyelet curtains, with everything you need - but only the things you need. Eyelet curtains are one of the most popular curtain heading styles for homes and interiors these days and one of the easiest to fit, as the metal eyelet rings which are stamped into the top of the curtains, slide directly onto a curtain pole without the need for any gathering, measuring or inserting curtain hooks.

Metal Curtain Pole In Silver

This also means that you don’t need any curtain pole rings. In the past the norm has been to buy a full curtain pole kit and discard the rings, but our eyelet pole kits have the rings omitted so that not only do you have no unnecessary parts, but no unnecessary cost either. So if you’re on a budget our eyelet poles can help you to reduce your installation costs a little more. Don’t think you’ll be limited on choice though, because our eyelet poles are available in the same great versatile range of colours and finishes as our full curtain pole kits. You can view our full range of eyelet poles here>


A touch of luxury on a budget

If you still feel as though compromising on cost may mean compromising on style or impact, then rest assured that a touch of luxury on a budget is still possible with our affordable, luxury, 35mm curtain pole. The extra thickness of these metal curtain poles gives them a particularly timeless, aesthetic appeal; and the curtain poles in this range offer more of a luxury feel for your new window treatment and are ideal for those looking for something a little more striking, without incurring too much additional expense. You can view our full range of 35mm metal curtain poles here >

Our most popular Wooden curtain poles

If wooden curtain poles are more your cup of tea then you can’t go far wrong on quality and value with our 28mm County Wood poles. Available in chestnut, white, antique pine, light ash and cream finishes, they provide an affordable and attractive addition to any window.

Dark wood Curtain Pole

Our white 28mm wooden poles are especially popular as they are easy to co-ordinate with modern or traditional interiors alike and they’re great for children’s rooms too.

Value for money, affordable bay poles

Our metal bay window curtain poles or rods are one of the best and most affordable solutions to dressing a bay window that you’ll find on the market today. Notoriously difficult to dress, bay windows can be the bane of even the most experienced curtain fitter’s life, which understandably reflects in their fitting charge. Our affordably priced metal bay pole kits with everything you need to fit them included, plus full instructions on how to, makes the process of fitting a curtain pole into a bay window both understandable and do-able without the need to enlist the cost of a professional curtain fitter; and if you’re on a tight budget then that’s a major plus point. You can achieve stylish, professional looking results for nothing more than the cost of the bay pole kit and a few hours of your time. For more advice on curtain poles for bay windows see our guides: I want to know everything about bay window poles


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