A playful décor in children's rooms should be packed full of colour and patterns which can help a child learn and grow. Blackout blinds are ideal for children's bedroom, as they keep unwanted light out of the room whenever they are lowered for sleep and nap time. There are plenty of playful choices based on themes and modern designs that children will adore. Try and make your selection age appropriate, this means opting for designs which aren't too complicated or confusing to look at. As your child grows older the more complex the designs can become.

Cartoon Styles

Add a touch of fun to a child's room with window blinds with cheeky cartoon style animals. Bright and vibrant designs look great next to plain walls and whenever they are lowered provide visual images that will put a smile on your child's face. This style of blind is in the form of roller blinds. Blackout and dim-out properties make sleeping easier as unwanted light is eliminated from the room. These blinds can also be lowered during the summer to help minimise heat build-up. They are available in a host of bright, modern colours, as well as neutral whites and creams.

Choosing A Theme

Themes are always a good idea in children's rooms. You can choose a theme that is close to their heart for example Mario, ballerinas or animals or choose one which is associated with children, such as zoo, safari, jungle and underwater themes when your child is too young to help select their own theme. Using a themed roller blind as the sole window dressing in modern and contemporary homes or combine them with curtains in a more traditional setting. Always opt for blackout blinds to help your child sleep without being woken by outside light pollution or bright sunshine entering the room.

Modern Colours and Designs

Window blinds are available in a wide range of designs and colours to compliment or contrast with the room's colour scheme. Bold primary colours add impact that children will love. Try and avoid too many colours as this can make the room visually cluttered and confusing. Interior designers suggest two or three main colours, with perhaps splashes of more colours for accessories. Reds and oranges have the ability to add playful look that is naturally warming.

Blues and greens are renowned to be calming colours, making them a good choice for children of all ages. Yellow is a lovely sunny and cheerful colour, however, sleep experts advise not to use too much bright yellow in a nursery or toddlers room because it has a tendency to make them cry. Note: Whichever style of window blind you choose for your child's room, make sure it is fitted with safety cords or mechanisms to help reduce the potential choke hazard risk.