Is it time to replace your blind? Here's how to know for sure

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

Window blinds are known for their aesthetic appeal, practicality, versatility and longevity. Under normal conditions window blinds should provide years of trouble free window dressing with the correct care and maintenance. However, although there may not be anything broken or damaged there are times when a new window blind is required. This could be to update the style or to change the colour or pattern to compliment a new décor. Sometimes blinds can become damaged or broken, and if replacing a damaged slat on a Venetian blind or vane on a vertical blind isn't an option it is time to replace the blind.

Fitting Vertical Blinds

Replacing a blind isn't a complicated procedure and most people, even those with little or no DIY skills, can tackle the task easily. The task is made simpler if you are replacing a blind like-for-like as you will probably be able to use the same screw fixing holes. Should you not be able to replace a blind yourself, there are plenty of local handymen, friends and family who will be able to help you.

Material Choices

Like most things in life we all have our own tastes and preferences when it comes to soft furnishings and window dressings. When replacing blinds personal preference is important, however, you will also need to consider practicality and functionality. For example, when choosing blinds for rooms with humid atmospheres and changes in temperature, such as the kitchen or bathroom, consideration should be given to the material of the blind.

Some blinds are more suited to specific atmospheres than others. Wooden Venetian blinds are beautiful and yet unless they have a special moisture resistant finish they can warp and twist in humidity. In this scenario aluminium Venetian blinds are a better choice. If you want wood, opt for faux wood metal blinds, they will provide you with the look and be able to withstand the humid conditions.

Sewing Blind Fabric

Fabric blinds can also be used in humid conditions if they have a special moisture resistant coating. This coating also enables the blind to be sponge cleaned, so you won't have to worry about nasty black mildew spots should they appear, as you can simply wipe them off. Roller and vertical blinds are available with moisture resistant finishes, which means you have plenty of choices for replacement blinds in kitchens and bathrooms.

Damaged Beyond Repair

Rips and tears in fabric usually means that you will have to replace the blind and while these are uncommon pets for example, can cause damage beyond repair. Broken slats and vanes on Venetian and vertical blinds, as mentioned above, can be replaced, however, should the operating cords and chains be damaged it is time to consider a new blind. Harsh sunlight can fade materials and while blinds with blackout blind or curtain lining fabric reduce this from happening, over many years fading may occur. Once again this is an indicator that new blinds are required. With so many different styles, types, colours and patterns of window blinds available you will have no trouble replacing your blinds. New blinds will give a fresh new look to your windows and room without the necessity of a complete room makeover.

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