Types of Blinds

Different Types of Window Blinds

Incorporating window blinds can make for an eye catching and modern feature in any styled room in the home. Although today because there is such a wide variety of blind styles to choose from, it can be a bit of a task before you even begin your blind’s shopping getting to know each one individually. Throw into the mix the fact’s that you need to know about each blinds features and what they have to offer it can all seems a bit complex. However by knowing all the ins and outs beforehand it can help make finding the style that best suits you and your home even easier.

So here is a short guide giving you a little insight into each blind style currently available on the market to help highlight the characteristics of each blind, helping to highlight the potential blind that’s right before you start shopping.

Roman blinds

First is the classic and practical roman blind perfect for living room and office spaces. This is a fabric based horizontally pleated blind that has individual dowel insertions which help separate the blind into measured sections.

Cording is then threaded through attached rings in each of these sections enabling you to pull the blind up or down causing the cording to create pleats in the blind that gather or release.

When drawn completely these blinds depending on your personal choice in colour or pattern can add intriguing qualities and detail to a room , where as when drawn up the drapery resembles that of a curtain piece creating an elegant yet practical look. If within your home you require a more heightened control of a room light balance with the need for darker spaces, roman blinds can also come fully lined giving you this capability with ease.

Roller blinds

Another very popular blind style due to their practicality and durable quality making them a long lasting investment is the roller blind. A perfect little addition to any kitchen, bathroom or living room these are fabric based blinds which are connected to a main pole fitted within your window space, around this pole the fabric is securely fitted along with the appropriate cording that enables you to adjust the blind upwards or downwards as you require.

This type of blind is also available in a wide range of base fabrics to suit your personal style and tastes from block colour prints to designer pattern fabrics. Roller blinds also come with a stiff back lining which lends well to blocking out excess light, preventing it from easily filtering through into your living space giving you better control over the amount of light you need.

Venetian blinds

Next we’ll move onto venetian blinds which are a horizontally aligned style of blind that is readily available in an assortment of base materials such as plastic, metal and wood. These types of blinds consist of individual slats that are accurately threaded together with cording enabling them to sit evenly within any window space.
The cording within these blinds enable them to be adjust in angle enabling you control over the amount of light you’d like to filter as well as adjustment in height drawing them up or down in length. These types of blinds themselves create a very executive modern look and feel so would be perfect for any modern living rooms, apartments or office spaces.

Vertical blinds

Moving on we’ll cover the Vertical blind, these blind types are typically from a thick base fabric that contains individual weights, stringed beading and attachable clips. Vertical blinds are individually attached to a main blind fitting that is securely attached to the inside of a windows recess, once done each blind panel is attached securely into place.

Lastly the weights are inserted to ensure the blind hangs correctly and beading is clipped into place horizontally along the bottom of the blind to ensure when adjusted everything moved correctly and in sync. This style of blind can again be adjusted in angle as well as drawn partially or fully to provide privacy or to brightly open up any space. This type of blind in particular work’s really well within any room of the home from the kitchen to the living room, bathroom and more.

Pleated blinds

Last but not least are pleated blinds, now these blinds are also a fabric based style of blind that easily adjusts neatly into individual folds that move both upwards and downwards in its fitted space. Very similar to the roller blind pleated blinds can be opened and closed fully or partly which gives you the option of brightening or toning down the light entering a room. Again much like the roman and roller blind pleated blinds can come with a lining fabric to help give block out excess light during bright summer days.

We hope you find this easy to follow blind’s guide helpful , filling you in on all the details on a variety of blind style types giving you the know how you need to get ready for your blinds shopping venture to find the perfect blinds just for you.

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