Choosing The Best Blinds For You And Your Home

Kitchen to the living room fitting in a mix of interior styles. Investing in a quality set of blinds can not only add fresh modern features to your home but also provide additional benefits such as enhanced privacy, energy efficiency and more.

Although sometimes it can be a bit daunting when it comes to choosing your own blinds due to the fact there are so many style varieties, each with unique looks and features of their own. So to help you find the ideal blinds for your own home interiors and to know exactly what you are looking for when browsing various blind stores either online or locally here are some tips to consider helping you along the way.


Now unlike curtain’s one of the great features of blinds in the variety of styles that they are available in, is that they offer you enhanced privacy due to being both adjustable and securely fitted in your window’s frame or recess.

This is sure to be essential in any living room, bedroom or conservatory both within standard two floor houses and bungalows concealing the inside of your interiors and making personal spaces more secure.

If you want to invest in a set of blinds that is guaranteed to provide you with the privacy you need within your home then both Venetian and Vertical blinds are an ideal style choice for this. Both are easily adjustable giving you the accurate control of the blind, letting in plenty of light but also preserving the privacy of one’s personal space that another blind type might not.

Maintaining your blinds

Another key point to consider when in search of your own blinds is choosing the ideal set that will be easy and fuss free for you to maintain. Over time blinds can collect dirt and dust particles that carry through the air, so it’s ideal for you the homeowner to be able to choose the right style of blinds for your home that will be easy to clean and keep in good condition.

Venetian blinds are made from harder surface materials such as metal, plastic and wood; this makes them really easy to clean with a dry or damp cloth as it enables you to remove any settled dust particles or dirt with ease keeping them looking at their best. Another easy to maintain blind type are Vertical blinds, they can be easily removed from their window fittings and placed into a cloth bag for machine washing though be sure to follow manufacturer cleaning recommendations beforehand.

In any case when looking at a particular style of blinds you’re interested in purchasing, it may be ideal to just take into account the base material used to make them ( i.e. hard surface materials in comparison to fabric based).

Also double check the labelled details for the blinds cleaning process or if you’re unsure simply make an enquiry at the blinds store your visiting as to what type of care and conditioning each blinds you’re interested in needs. By doing this in advance you can build a better awareness and understanding whether or not they’re the right blind for you.


If you are particularly interesting in experimenting with adding fabric based blinds to your home whether roman blinds or roller blinds in a chosen colour tone or a designer pattern print, one key thing to take into account is checking the condition of the colours. The last thing you really want with your newly purchased blinds is having the possibility that the print may fade or becoming discoloured over time whilst fitted within your window setting as contact with direct sunlight can do this.

Though today most fabrics have anti-fade pigments within the dye to prevent any kind of colour change, it’s again ideal to check the labelling as there may be details explaining the fabrics features and conditioning that will reassure you in knowing your blinds will look just as good as the day you bought them.

Blind energy efficiency

If you’re not too fond of the hot summer days and want to keep your rooms at home cool or keep the heat in when it’s wintery and cold out, then picking a set of blinds that is energy efficient may be another point to consider when choosing the right blinds for your home. These types of blinds not only help you to control the temperature and light balance in the rooms, but also may enable you to save money in advance that may have been spent on heating or air conditioning costs.

These blinds in particular are perfect for use in any room but especially conservatories where in the summer and winter they can vary a lot in temperature. There are a variety of blind styles available in specialist stores that have energy efficient features and qualities that will enable you to keep your room’s to the desired temperature. So it’s ideal when sourcing blinds for your home like this to make key points to the retailer so that they may help you to accurately find what you’re looking for.

We hope that you find this blinds guide helpful giving you a variety of tips to help you find the best style and set of blinds for you and your home tailored to your needs.

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