6 stylish ways to add a touch of colour with blue blinds

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Blue is the preferred colour of many people with a wide range of tonal shades it's is easy to select one for each of your rooms. While considered a cold colour blue, is also nature's sky and sea, and depending on the colour of the undertones can range from intense bright blue to soft, subtle duck-egg and for-get-me-not blue.

In The Bedroom

Known for its ability to create a sense of calm, blue is an ideal colour choice for bedrooms. Blue blinds, more especially if they have blackout properties, can help you achieve a stylish bedroom décor which is conducive to sleep. Use blue window blinds to give windows a stylish look that coordinates with other soft furnishings and bedding to create a cohesive, balanced look.

Blue Roman Blind

Shades & Hues

Light blues are considered to represent serenity and peace, mid blues a sense of trust and cleanliness and dark blues authority and intelligence. As such try using a shade or hue that suits your personality, however, you should avoid using too much blue or you run the risk of making a room depressing. Plain blue blinds are a great colour choice for complimenting a wide range of other colours, including whites, creams and modern neutrals such as grey. They also have the ability to coordinate with bolder colours such as sunflower yellow and orange to create a Mediterranean colour scheme. Modern and contemporary interiors can have splashed of bright blue via window blinds to inject vibrancy into rooms without being too overpowering on the eye.

Dark Tones

Dark midnight blues have a mystical look that is relaxing and warming, making them ideal for bedrooms. Opt for dark blue blackout blinds to prevent unwanted light from entering the room while you sleep. In living rooms and dining rooms navy blue blinds can add a touch of sophisticated refinement, especially when coordinated with ivory and pale greys.

Geometric Roman Blind

Patterns & Textures

Semi plain fabric with an interwoven pattern give blue Roman blinds subtle interest without being overwhelming on the eye. This style of blue blind is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, and while they add visual interest they won't detract from the main theme of the room. Patterns which incorporate blue can be used in any room. The pattern can be abstract or geometric to compliment Retro and contemporary motifs, while patterned blinds with blue flowers look stunning in traditional, Shabby Chic and Vintage decorating schemes.

Vertical & Horizontal Stripes

Stripes add a touch of refined elegance to a room. Vertical stripes will draw the eye upwards to give the illusion of taller windows, while horizontal stripes can make windows appear wider. Opt for blue striped roller or Roman blinds and they will compliment a wide variety of decorating motifs beautifully.

Blue Striped Blind

Coastal & Seaside Themes

The colour of the sea and sky blue blinds are essential in coastal and seaside themes. Pictorial blue blinds which capture images of the beach can be used in bathrooms to great effect. This modern style of window dressing is ideal for contemporary interiors or homes where a fresh, modern touch is required. Seaside themes are also an excellent choice for children's bedrooms, where cartoon style fish swim through clear blue water, or fun octopus take centre stage in the blind. With so many variations of blue blinds available you should choose those blue blinds which reflect the style of your home and the theme of the room. They will provide you with a fabulous window dressing that can provide your home with plenty of light when you need it and darkness when you don't.

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