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Refreshing Your Office with Bright and Modern Window Blinds

Whether you have a commercial office or an office in your home using bright, modern window blinds will give it an instant visual update. New window blinds can be part of a redecoration scheme or simply used to bring a fresh new look, either way you have plenty of options to consider. This guide will help you select the right style of window blinds for your office.

Material Choices

Wood, faux wood, metal or fabric. These are the choices you have, each type of material has its own attributes and advantages, along with a choice of colours, and in some cases patterns, to help you create an office environment which is bright and modern.

Wise Colours

Colour plays a very important part when choosing your window blinds. In commercial offices corporate colours will probably be the order of the day, with blue being the world's most preferred colour choice for business due to its ability to look refined and sophisticated. Blue is the colour of strength, loyalty, intelligence and trust. It also possesses the ability to calm, making it the ideal colour choice in busy offices.

Wood, natural or faux, is also a great colour choice as it has the ability to naturally blend with any colour scheme. Modern wood colours include dark navy and black, which look stunning in office with a contemporary decorating style.

Even soft pastels can be used in offices to create a less formal ambience; these gentle colours are ideal for reducing stress.

Sophisticated Stripes

If you want to add pattern to your office striped window blinds are a good option. In the form of roller or Roman blinds they have an air of sophistication and refined elegance. Think along the lines of 'official' ties for men, nine times out of ten they will be striped or have a stripe on them. Using stripes on window blinds is a proactive way of showing that you are in control, with the ability to be both formal and informal.

Blind Options

When choosing window blinds for an office you should consider the sun as it travels across the sky. Venetian and vertical blinds will give you the most amount of light control, enabling you to adjust the slats to prevent harsh light creating screen glare. Roller and Roman blinds can be partially lowered to block out the sun, however, you will also lose the amount of light entering the room.

When you need privacy and less visual distractions from the outside world, Venetian and vertical blinds are the best choices. If your line of work requires as much natural light as possible within the room roller and Roman blinds are better options. Any style of modern window blind can also be used to help keep an office environment cool in the summer, with vertical and Venetian, again, being the best options.

When looking for window blinds to bring a fresh new look into your office consider the above points. Versatility, practicality and functionality should be your top priorities, with style and colour choices crucial in creating a look that is befitting the corporate image you are portraying to employees and customers alike.

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