Metallic blinds for your home, 10 choices to consider

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The colours of metal are one of this year's hottest interior design trends for soft furnishings and accessories. Gold, silver, pewter, gun metal, copper and brass colours can be used to create a stunning interior which compliment a range of decorating motifs, from Arts and Crafts to Hollywood. Metallic blinds are a fabulous way to introduce and include the metal-trend in your home. there are so great choices available, from metallic coloured fabrics for Roman, roller and vertical blinds to traditional and contemporary aluminium Venetian blinds.

Aluminium in Metallic Colours

Choose silver tones for an on-trend colour that is gentle on the eye. Silver shades have chic style, offering a refined elegance which compliments neutrals and bolder colour scheme beautifully. Gold and brass coloured metals offer a deeper, richer hue which sits comfortably next to dark shades such as navy, black, aubergine and reds. Pewter and gun metal greys are ideal for modern and contemporary interiors, especially those with an industrial theme.

Modern Living Room With Blinds

Modern Metal Venetian Blinds

Today Venetian blinds are available in a range of colours, including pale green and navy blue. These modern colours are ideal for home and workplace interiors where they will add an effective, versatile window dressing in colours to coordinate with your décor.

Gold Roman Blinds

Roman blinds in opulent gold coloured satin fabric have a sheen that is reminiscent of the precious metal their colour represents. These luxury window blinds will bring a rich warmth to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Striped Window Blinds

Perforated Venetian Blinds

Offering all the practicality, versatility and style of conventional Venetian blinds, perforated Venetian blinds have small holes perforated into the slats. These tiny holes allow light to filter through giving a diffused lighting effect and casting shadowed patterns.

Siene Stainless Steel Vertical Blinds

The coloured of brushed stainless steel the Siene Grey Whisper vertical blinds are ideal for large windows, patio doors and conservatories. These neutral coloured blinds will compliment a wide range of other colours, including deeper gun metal greys and pewter.

Aluminium Blinds in Wood Tones

Golden wood tones, such as hickory and teak, combine metallic hues with metal blinds. This winning combination brings the natural beauty of wood along with the practicality of metal into your home. This style of window blind is ideal for humid atmospheres in kitchens and bathrooms. Wood tones have the natural ability to compliment any colour scheme beautifully.

Black Metal

Ideal for contemporary and modern homes black metal blinds are ideal in black monochromatic colour schemes. They are perfect for rooms where a more masculine feel is required, as well as home offices and interiors with an industrial loft style.

Traditional White Aluminium Venetian Blinds

White Venetian blinds continue to the most popular colour choice. With the ability to look stunning with any colour scheme they are a versatile and practical way to dress windows in virtually any style of home. Offering sleek, clean lines they are ideal for use as the sole window dressing or can be used in combination with curtains for a more traditional look.

Venetian Blinds In White

Metallic Finish Tocana Blinds

Made from aluminium, Tocana blinds have a metallic finish which glistens and shimmers as light reflects off the surface of the slats. They are a great choice for modern and contemporary décors and ideal for brightening dull rooms.

Fire Venetian Blinds

Bringing together the warmth of fiery red with the versatility of a Venetian blind, these blinds will make a statement at your windows. The deep colour is vibrant, yet sophisticated, making it ideal for coordinating and complimenting a range of decorating motifs and colour schemes in contemporary and modern interiors.

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