Making the most of grey window blinds, what are your options?

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Grey curtain fabric is the new neutral for curtains and blinds. A combination of white and black it is available in a wide range of hues and tones. Grey blinds are ideal for a variety of decorating motifs and colour schemes. It has the natural ability to make a statement or blend subtly into the background.

Dark Greys

The colour of stormy skies and rough seas dark greys are masters at creating a dramatic colour scheme that are perfect for formal rooms, and those which want to make a design statement. Dark greys typically have blue undertones in varying degrees, making them ideal for south facing rooms with plenty of natural light, also for large rooms where the intensity of the shade doesn't make the room feel visually constricted. Charcoal and slate are natural tones of grey. These dark hues work well as an accent colour for window blinds and soft furnishings, particularly in rooms where the main colour is lighter in tone.

Window Blinds In Grey

Soft Greys

These soft hues are usually given names associated with nature such as mist, elephant and dove. They have warm pink undertones, making the ideal colour choice to compliment pinks, yellows and contrast beautifully with their darker counterparts, such as charcoal, to create a colour scheme which is warm and cosy. Roman blinds in soft grey look stunning in bedrooms, where their gender neutral attributes create a sense of harmony and peace.

Metallic Greys

Pewter, silver, aluminium and steel are among the most sort after metallic tones in grey. These shades give a room a sense of purity and cleanliness, making them perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Aluminium Venetian blinds are ideal for rooms where privacy is required. Opt for the pale metallic shades in small rooms as an accent to yellows, blues and greens to create a colour palette which is calming and restful. For Hollywood and Luxe decorating motifs sliver is a dream colour for giving a room a sense of sophisticated elegance, especially in the living room and bedroom.

Dark Window Blinds

A Touch of Masculinity

Battleship, gun metal and cement greys are bold without being too dramatic. Typically mid-tone, they can be used in a range of decorating motifs, such as industrial loft or traditional very successfully. Roller blinds and Venetian blinds are ideal for these types of decorating schemes, with the ability to coordinate with both light and dark walls and furniture.

Feminine Shades

The feminine shades of grey include those with soft and gentle undertones with the merest hint of pink. They are warm tones which can be used as an accent for stronger colours such as fuchsia pink, olive greens and powdery blues or take the back seat to pops of fiery reds, purples and azure blues. French grey window blinds are another fabulous shade that leans towards femininity when teamed with ivory, cream or contrasts off-whites as an accent. While pebble grey brings a touch of nature into a room, with the ability to bounce light around to make a lighter, airier living space. Any of these feminine colours are ideal for fabric blinds such as Roman and roller styles.


Minimalistic interiors can look stunning when a black and white monochromatic colour scheme is used. Greys become part of the look as more white is added to black or more black is added to white. The sleek, clean lines of any type of window blind is the perfect window dressing choice for minimalist interiors.

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