Made to measure or ready made? What should you go for?

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You have made your choice to replace the curtains and drapes in your homes with blinds, but with so many choices, you’re probably confused about which one’s the best choice for your home especially in terms of your available budget, décor vision, and user safety (i.e., children). Let’s start the ball rolling by making your choice between ready-made blinds and made-to-measure blinds since these are the basis for your next decisions in terms of colour and style.

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Available Budget

You must first have a budget for the blinds before making any decision about blinds although you are well-advised to be flexible about the amounts. Your first choice in terms of affordability is ready-made blinds, which are usually mass-produced blinds in different types and lengths. You may find ready-made blinds come in a limited range of patterns and colours but this shouldn’t be a problem considering their beauty. You may consider the more expensive made-to-measure blinds although emphasis must be made that the premium isn’t as high as previously thought. You will find a wide range of affordable made-to-order blinds, and you can determine whether these fit into your budget by using a price calculator.

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Desired Fit

Made-to-measure blinds are obviously customised to fit the windows’ exact specifications as well as the owners’ preferences in colours, patterns and styles. With these blinds, you have the guarantee that the blinds will perfectly fit into the windows without the need for additional alterations, which can be a major time saver, as well as providing great window treatments.

Measuring For Window Blinds

But don’t dismiss ready-made blinds either. You can still achieve a customised fit with ready-made blinds, especially vertical blinds, since these can be cut to size for a perfect window fit. You will have a custom look at an affordable price.

Required Sizes

Ready-made blinds are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths for large and small average-sized windows. You will find ready-made blinds that can then be adjusted and altered, for example, trimming roller blinds, at home for a great fit. But your windows may not be the average width and length, such as very wide or very tall windows, which ready-made blinds cannot sufficiently cover. You should then consider made-to-order blinds, which will be fitted to size regardless of the width and length of your home’s windows.

Preferred Styles

Ready-made blinds are available in a wide range of patterns, colours and styles so these can be as practical and beautiful as made-to-measure blinds. But when it comes to a custom appearance, made-to-measure blinds cannot be beaten, since you can make your choice based on colour, texture, and pattern as well as style, size and sometimes even shape. You can be as classic or contemporary in style with made-to-measure blinds, ensuring that you get the type and style that suits your decorating motif and colour scheme the best.

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Between ready-made and made-to-order blinds, you will obviously go for the former in terms of affordability and the latter for customised appearance and fit. No matter which you choose, you are making a great decision to install window blinds in your home.

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