Going pink in your home? How to add pink blinds as a finishing touch

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

Pink may not be the first colour that comes to mind when choosing colour schemes for blinds unless, of course, they are placed in rooms with a feminine vibe, such as girls’ bedrooms. Fortunately, contemporary interior design trends have made it possible to use pink hues from pale pastels to deep fuchsias in all areas of the home.

In the Living Room

Pink is a gentle colour particularly in the pastel shades where red saturation is lesser, which means that it can be paired with strong colours as contrast. Pink can also be a bold colour when it has higher levels of red saturation, as is the case with vibrant fuchsias and dynamic magentas, making it a suitable colour for bright rooms. In either case, you can pair pink blinds with a range of colour schemes in the living room.

Roman Blinds In Pink

Paler pink tones are great when aired with soft greys and creams, which create a living area with a peaceful, calm and feminine ambiance. Mid-tone pinks are best for darker greys as well as when paired as accent colours with gender-neutral décor schemes. Darker pink tones, such as fuchsias and hot pink, are usually paired with black-and-white or dark blues colour schemes. You should first look at the overall colour scheme and required ambiance of the living room before making your decision about the specific pink tone for the blinds. You can choose darker pinks for a formal ambiance and lighter pinks for a more airy, casual vibe.

In the Dining Room

Red is a vibrant colour so it’s no wonder that it’s associated with life, love and lust, even for a healthy appetite for all of these things. Many fine dining restaurants use reds in their décor for this reason, not to mention that these add a stylishly bold vibe to any room. With this in mind, you can tone down the reds by using dark pink blinds in your dining room. You should ideally stick to plain (i.e., unprinted) blinds since too much pattern can distract from the room’s main attraction, the beauty of the food and beverages on the table.

In the Bedrooms

Pink in almost any tone is closely associated with love and tenderness, as well as being a colour known for its calming effect, especially in the lighter shades making it an ideal colour choice for bedrooms. You can mix and match several colours with pink blinds to create a range of looks and styles to suit the age of the bedrooms' occupants and the style of your home.

Roller Blinds In Pink

  • For a masculine look, pair pink blinds with darker colours such as Hunter green, charcoal, navy blue, even black.
  • For a feminine look, combine pink blinds with pastel colours like duck-egg blues, soft yellows and creams.
  • For children’s and teenagers’ rooms, choices in pink blinds range from pale pink in nurseries to hot pink and bubblegum pink in teens’ rooms.

In The Bathroom

Dusky pink blinds will work well in bathrooms that have a Retro 1970's theme. Alternatively, pale pink window blinds will sit comfortably next to a white, cream or soft grey colour palette.

In The Kitchen

Bringing a natural warmth to the room, modern pink blinds, plain or patterned, bode well in combination with stainless steel appliances and soft neutral colour schemes. In contemporary kitchens bolder shades, such as lollipop pink, roller blinds have the ability to add a pop of colour to brighten a kitchen that doesn't get much natural light.

In The Home Office

Pink can be a calming colour that is restful on the eye making it a perfect colour choice for a home office. Patterned blinds are masters at bringing colour to plain walls, and pink Venetian blinds provide you with full control over the amount of light entering the room to avoid screen glare for example. With so many pink shades and hues to choose from, pink window blinds can be used throughout the home and will compliment a wide range of decorating styles and colour schemes.

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