Our guide to replacing a broken slat on a vertical blind

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

Why will you want to call in a repairman or buy new when you can easily replace a broken slat on your vertical blinds? This guide takes a step-by-step approach to replacing a vertical blind broken slat

Fitting Vertical Blinds


  • Identify the Problem and Possible Solutions: Your problem should be obvious at this point – one of the slats on your blinds is broken or damaged. Vertical blinds are generally robust and provide longevity, however, occasionally a pet or person may accidentally damage or break one of the slats.
  • Identify The Working Parts: The head rail carrier is the part that the vanes or slats hook onto. The slats are connected at the bottom with a chain link system.
  • Removing the Damaged Slat: Open the head rail carrier and locate the damaged slat. Unhook it from the carrier at the top and disconnect the chain link at the bottom.
  • Adding a New Slat: Hook the replacement slat into the correct place and reattach the chain link at the bottom. Open and close the blind and adjust the angle of the slats to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • A Fresh New Look: As replacing slats/vanes on vertical blinds is an easy process you can change them for a different colour, pattern or have alternating coloured vanes, simply by unhooking the slats and chain link system. It's a great way to give a new look to a room without the expense of having to purchase an entirely new vertical blinds.

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