Our guide to the benefits of window blinds

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At Terry's Fabrics, we are committed to offering our customers the best in durable, functional and beautiful blinds. Even when you’re a curtains-only type of person, you will find that blinds have several advantages over any other type of window treatment including curtains and drapes. Here are the most important benefits of blinds that you have to open your eyes to and, in the process, open up a world of functional and ornamental possibilities.

Simplicity and Practicality

Blinds are easy to install, use and maintain because these don’t require tracks, poles and tie-backs, as well as being easy to fit and easy to operate. Window blinds are so user-friendly that more and more home owners are switching from curtains, which require so many accessories and maintenance procedures, in comparison to blinds. These are also great solutions for both small and large windows since their required fittings are less obtrusive than the poles and tracks required curtains and drapes. Even smaller windows can be fitted with blinds as the limited space can still accommodate the necessary accessories.

Fitting Venetian Blind Headrail


Blinds will not require tracks and poles in their installation, which means these are cost-efficient and results-effective solutions compared to curtains and drapes. You don’t have to worry about blowing your budget since blinds are more affordable in terms of total cost than these window treatments, not to mention that blinds are just as attractive as their all-fabric counterparts. Just think about it: Affordable yet elegant style in one. Even made-to-measure blinds are relatively affordable despite the premium paid for their customisation. This is because you will not be incurring additional costs for their on-site installation, such as cutting them to fit the windows, but instead you can just hang them with little to no assembly required. You will find that even ready-made blinds can be easily and affordably fitted to windows. Your purchase comes with full fitting instructions, which lists the step-by-step procedures in customising the blinds.

Measuring For Window Blinds


Every window in the house can be fitted with window blinds since you will find every type of blinds that can withstand the conditions in each room. For example, many types of Venetian blinds can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms since these can withstand higher humidity and condensation. Many types of roller blinds can also be installed in areas of the house with higher dirt and dust exposure, such as the living rooms, since these can easily be wiped clean. They can also aid sleep by blocking out unwanted light.

Trouble Sleeping


You must first decide where to place the blinds, either inside or outside the recess of the window, make the necessary measurements, and enter these measurements into the correct boxes on our ordering page. You can use our simple pop-up measuring guides and leave the rest of the job to us including the measurements for clearances and allowances. Having blinds in your home is an affordable, practical and versatile method of dressing your windows beautifully.

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