Go minimal in your home with these 5 white blinds

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Minimalistic interiors are bang on-trend within the world of interior design. This decorating style is ideal for contemporary and modern homes and suits apartments and studios where space is at a minimum. White is a colour that is often associated with minimalism due to its ability to make rooms look clean, neat and more spacious. Minimalistic window dressings are a must if you want to hold true to the style, fussy bulky curtains or drapes are 'no-noes', while sleek modern window blinds, especially in white, are the ideal choice.

White Wood Blinds

Offering a compact, modern style white wooden blinds are the perfect choice for creating a minimalistic look. They offer privacy and yet allow light to enter the room when opened. Further diffused lighting effects can be achieved by angling the slats, with more light achieved when the slats are angled upwards to send natural light onto a white ceiling, reflecting light back down into the room. White wood blinds are typically painted in various shades of white, including pristine white, snowy white and old white, so there are plenty of variations to choose from to match or compliment your décor.

White Venetian Blind

White Metal Blinds

Aluminium metal blinds in white provide a sleek appearance to a room. They are available in a matt or gloss finish to suit your decorating motif beautifully. They are renowned for their privacy giving abilities and are often used in rooms which are susceptible to humid atmospheres, such as kitchen and bathrooms, due to their ability to maintain their shape without becoming distorted or warped. Contemporary white metal blinds includes those with perforation detail. These offer the same practicality and versatility as standard Venetian blinds, but with small perforated holes on the slats. Light, natural or external artificial, filters through the perforations creating wonderful patterns and subtle diffused lighting effects.

White Roller Blinds

Probably the most minimalistic of all window dressings, when raised roller blinds expose the window glass virtually in its entirety. White roller blinds will blend effortlessly with white décor to make them appear barely noticeable, and yet at night they will provide privacy from the outside world. White blackout blinds are the ideal choice for bedrooms as they prevent unwanted light from entering the room and disturbing sleep.

Measuring For Blinds

White Vertical Blinds

Ideal for large picture windows, conservatories and patio doors, white vertical blinds offer a sleek, minimalistic appearance. Their design enables you to allow as much light as you want into the room while still providing privacy, along with the ability to stacking them back to the left or right to expose nearly all of the window or door.

White Satin Roman Blinds

Perfect for creating a soft, minimal look to windows in the lounge or bedroom, white satin Roman blinds are masters at providing light when needed and privacy during the day or night. These luxury window blinds can be made from plain, patterned or textured fabrics to suit your interior design style. They can be raised fully or part way to create different stylish looks and provide a variety of privacy options.

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