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When we think of modern and minimalist décor, we think of sleek, streamlined and stylish design- no clunky silhouettes and no cluttered accessories, among other things. The result: A clean, clutter-free and airy ambiance with the function and form of the area highlighted more than the objects in it. What better way to achieve such a modern and minimalistic look than using window blinds? Here are a few ideas for creating a minimalistic, modern look.

Roll with the Times with Roller Blinds

As the name implies, roller blinds are usually lengths of fabric attached to a roller mechanism that allows for adjustments to different heights. These are among the popular window treatments for controlling glare from outside and privacy for the interiors. These blinds usually come in three types depending on the type and thickness of the fabric used, namely, light filtering, screen fabrics, and blackout.

Roller blinds have a modern design that fits well into contemporary interiors while their design suits minimalist décor wonderfully. You can choose from several colours, patterns, and prints as well as sizes and styles that will suit your vision for the rooms where these blinds will be installed. You can be as Zen as you like with white blinds or as bold as you want with coloured or printed blinds.

Stick to the Classic Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are considered classics because these have been around for several years. But because these products have evolved over time, you can use them for modern and minimalist interiors, especially with the right choice in slat sizes, colours, and materials. For example, wooden Venetian blinds give a room a classic ambiance yet with a contemporary touch, an enviable combo for modern homes that curtains and drapes cannot provide.

Metal Venetian blinds provide an avant-garde look, especially when the décor itself has an urban feel. And speaking of metal Venetian blinds, the most common metal used is aluminium. It’s a lightweight yet durable metal with a beautiful appearance when polished to the right shine level. Furthermore, aluminium blinds will last for several years with appropriate maintenance, as well as being available in several colours, designs and sizes to compliment your modern, minimalist colour scheme.

Go for Sophistication with Vertical Blinds

Simple, clean and elegant, these are the words most commonly used to describe vertical blinds. These are obviously blinds with vertical vanes instead of horizontal slats, as is the case for Venetian blinds. Instead of curtains, you can install vertical blinds as part of your modern and minimalist décor when you have large expanses of glass, patio doors and conservatories.

They will provide the room with plenty of natural light when the vanes are opened, privacy when they vanes are angled open or fully closed, help prevent unwanted sunlight entering the room and even help with retaining heat loss during the colder months. All three styles of window blinds will help you achieve a modern, minimalist decorating motif by providing practical, versatile and extremely stylish window dressings.

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