Cost of Roman Blinds

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What Is The Cost Of Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds can be the perfect little decorative addition to add to any home, pulling away those old dusty curtains and sprucing up that bare window space helps to create a fresh, clean and modern look that you may be going for. Although choosing the perfect set of roman blinds is an exciting step to finishing off any newly decorated interior it also comes with the task of knowing how much they’re going to cost you to buy and what you have to consider when working within your own set budget overall to add them to your home.

It’s always reassuring to know all the details when it comes to selecting the right blinds suited for you, your budget and home so whether you’re a new home owner or simply adding to your interiors a bit of roman blinds style here’s a few tips and advice to help you effectively cost up the perfect set of roman blinds for you.

Step one: Choosing your blind style

Now since we already know that roman blinds are the blinds style you want to introduce into your room of choice whether the kitchen, bathroom and more this makes it easier for you to put together some research for this type of blind in particular rather than being too spoiled for choice. By knowing exactly what type of blind you are looking for you can then make a list of specialist blind retailers available to you and get an idea of where you can source your blinds whether online or locally.

Step two: Picking your blind base fabric

Moving on once you’ve chosen your style of blind then you can help to balance your budget more for your blinds by selecting the appropriate fabric. There are available in a number of specialist blind stores a variety of premade roman blinds that already come with a chosen material fabric, colour or print.

Although if you are wanting something bespoke for your home and want a specific quality or print of fabric it’s important to consider that this may cost more and require a custom set of roman blinds to be made. Another important point is that patterned printed fabrics due to their design for example damask, floral and designer quality fabrics can sometimes cost slightly more than block print fabrics of one colour.

However if you’re a little unsure as to what type of fabric you’d like or feel would best suit your home interiors styling , colour and decor then the easiest thing to do is simply request a fabric sample pack from the specialist blind stores you’ve listed. This will help you know what type of fabric best suits the look and feel you’re going for, as well give you an awareness of how much each individual fabric costs totalling the overall amount you’ll need for your custom blind project.

Step three: Measuring and selecting the right size blind

Depending on the size and dimensions of the window space you’d like to fit your roman blinds, there’s choices for you to either simply fit a premade roman blind or if your window space happens to have unique sizing or if you’d like to fit them within the windows recess then you may want to look into having a custom made to measure set of blinds made.

At local specialist blind stores you can purchase standard sized premade blinds that are made to an assortment of set sizes, making it easy for you to source and choose this kind of blind with minimal fuss, waiting time and also at a set price depending on the size you choose.

However if for example you require custom made to measure blinds as mentioned before then this will possibly require a bigger budget due to the specific size of blind in your chosen style and fabrics so this is something to consider.

Step four: Finding the best value for your money

Last but not least we all want to feel we’ve received the best value and service for our money. So lastly once you have put together all your blinds research starting from your selected blind style to fabric samples and size specifications, now’s the time to source the places you’ll be able to purchase the blinds you want.

Making a list of all the potential retailers both locally and online my best advice would be compare the benefits and values that each have to offer and upon doing so you’ll hopefully come across the perfect roman blinds purchase that takes your fancy. Again remember if you’re looking for custom made to measure blinds for your home then it’d be wise to collect a number of quotes from each blind specialist available to you to receive the best service, quality and value for your money.

We hope you find this handy guide to costing up roman blinds helpful and aids you in finding the perfect set of blinds to suit your personal taste, budget and home.

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