Trouble sleeping? Then coloured window blinds could be of use

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Getting a good nights sleep depends on many factors, including the colour scheme of your bedroom. Having a window dressing that eliminates unwanted light, helps with heat loss in the winter and helps to keep a bedroom cool in the summer should also help you get a better night's sleep.

Midnight Blues

Blue is the colour that has been proven by sleep experts to help you get the best nights sleep. Associated with serenity, blue is the natural colour of the sky and ocean which has a calming effect on the brain, helping to lower blood pressure and heart rate, which helps you to drift off to sleep naturally.

Trouble Sleeping

The tone of blue you choose doesn't seem to matter, as specialised receptors in our eyes are more receptive to the colour blue than any other colour, they tell us that it is time to sleep. So, whether you have an azure blue bedroom, a deep midnight blue or a pretty pastel blue bedroom you should be able to get a better nights sleep.

Go for Green

The colour of nature green is also a great colour choice for helping those who have trouble sleeping. Opt for the more muted tones for window blinds and soft furnishings, such as olive green or pastels tones to create a calming and stress-free ambience conducive to sleep. Brighter shades of lime green or electric green should be avoided as they excite the brain, leaving it over stimulated and reducing your chances of drifting peacefully off to sleep.

Mellow Yellows

Muted yellows are gentle on the eye and senses which can have a calming effect in the bedroom. The colour associated with happiness and cheerfulness yellow should not be over used otherwise it over stimulates the brain and defeats the object of trying to aid restful sleep. Subtle splashes of mellow yellow, via accessories and window window blinds, is enough to help you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and happy. Too much yellow isn't a good colour choice for babies and children's rooms as it has a tendency to make them cry. Used in moderation, in pale shades and it's a fabulous neutral, gender friendly colour that won't upset your youngster's sleep pattern.

Silver Moonlight and Twinkling Stars

Silver is the colour associated with the moon and stars making it a perfect colour choice for bedrooms colour schemes. It has the ability to trick the mind into thinking that it is night time and therefore time to go to sleep. This modern neutral is easy on the eye, restful and tranquil. It coordinates effortlessly with all of the other colours known to help you get a good nights sleep, making it the ideal complimentary colour.

Bedroom venetian Blinds

While your choice of coloured window blind can help aid restful sleep having blackout or dim-out blinds will also be beneficial. Any of the above mentioned colours are available in a choice of window blind styles, including roller, Roman, vertical and Venetian. Each style can be used on its own as the sole window dressing in your bedroom or teamed with curtains and drapes to compliment your decorating motif.

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