Blind colour trends, a guide to popular options

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Blinds aren’t just functional items used in controlling the amount of sunlight streaming from the outside and the amount of views that can be seen from both sides. These can also become part of the interior décor especially when the right colours are combined. Here are a few of the colour trends for blinds that you can use as a guide.

Earthy Tones

Your home should ideally be your personal refuge from the hustle and bustle of your busy life outside. You will then appreciate natural tones, such as ochre yellow, sky blue, and earth brown, because these encourage a sense of being connected with Mother Nature. You will even find that earth colours work well with both in a vividly coloured and black-and-white colour scheme. Window blinds in earthy tones allow your statement pieces to shine.

Roman Blind In Window

Tip: Use pale pastels for smaller rooms to make them appear lighter, airier and larger and bolder tones for medium and large-sized windows where they can accept the intensity of the shade without looking too overpowering.

Metallic Mixes

Fortunately, metallic colours are back in style so you can put up metallic blinds in your home again. But for a more avant-garde approach, you may want to consider unusual metallic colours, such as bronze and copper. Of course, the classics are still the go-to metallic colours this year. Gold and silver have a sparkle that continues to attract home owners to their beauty, not to mention that these can also blend well with virtually any decorating theme. Just make sure to minimise the metallic decorative items in the room, since too much metallic can become tacky and distasteful rather the chic and trendy.

Childrens Venetian Blind

Bright, Bold Colours of Yellow, Orange and Hot Pink

Who said that bright and bold colours shouldn’t be on blinds? Yellows, oranges and hot pinks are just a few of the bright and bold colours that your blinds can be in – and you will not regret them either. Why? These vivid colours stimulate positive energy, bring in the sunshine into the room, and create a welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to stick to the blandness of cream or beige blinds especially when it’s not your style. You have full control in your home’s décor so make it your stage in expressing your own sense of art.

Patterns are Perfect

Don’t limit yourself to the plain solid colours either. You should also consider bold prints and patterns, even geometric shapes, on customised blinds. You will add a certain whimsical sophistication to living rooms and a fantasy land feel for the bedrooms, especially in children's rooms.

Modern Roman Blinds

Trendy Neutrals

Greys have replaced whites and creams replaced with ivories. These trendy neutrals are gender friendly and will compliment virtually any colour scheme. Trying using hot pink with grey for a fashionably chic room or soft ivories with an intense aubergine or cobalt blue accent in modern and contemporary homes. Your choices can also include stripes in either two colours or in several colours as well as floral patterns. You may even want customised prints on the blinds to create a unique look. Just remember that, again, you have to create a balanced look – if your blinds are already eye-catching, your furniture and fixtures should be more subdued to create a sense of visual harmony and balance.

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