Add class to any bedroom using stylish patterned blinds

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Adding patterns to a bedroom décor is a great way to give it a touch of class. Although patterned wallpapers are a great option having an entire wall patterned can be somewhat overwhelming on the eye, or perhaps due to landlord restrictions you are unable to apply wallpaper. Whatever your reason for not adding patterns to your wall you still have the option of adding a patterned window blind. Window blinds practical and versatile way to dress bedroom windows and with plenty of styles, colours and patterns available you'll easily find one that compliments the style and colour scheme of your bedroom.

Modern Roman Blind

Modern & Contemporary Patterned Roller Blinds

Today's modern and contemporary roller blinds are available in an extensive choice of colours and designs. Abstract prints offer a fresh look that can be coordinated with accessories and bedding to create a balanced and cohesive look. Digitally printed roller blinds are becoming increasingly popular choice for contemporary and modern homes. With the opportunity to have them customised, they bring a unique touch of class and refinement to many different decorating motifs and show that you have your finger on the pulse of the latest interior design trends.

Beautiful Patterned Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a fabulous window dressing choice for bedrooms. Made from fabric they gently fold when raised giving a touch of sophisticated class to your windows. Semi-plain Roman blinds provide interesting textural elements that provide a subtle patterned effect, making them ideal for traditional decorating schemes. All-over patterns should be kept to smaller designs in bedrooms, otherwise they can be too overpowering on the eye, agitate the brain and not give you the peaceful, restful ambience required for a good night sleep. Likewise, it is wise to choose a bedroom colour palette that is conducive to sleep, with blue being the most preferred colour according to sleep experts. Greens, yellows and soft silver also work well in producing a calm bedroom décor.

Roman Blind In Window

Striped Roman blinds are another great option for the bedroom, moreover when they have subtle stripes in muted or pastel colours. Horizontal stripes have the ability to make narrow windows appear wider, while vertical stripes give the illusion of more height to short windows.

Opulent Velvet Blinds

Although velvet Roman blinds are not actually patterned per say, they can be included within the remit of patterned blinds due to their ability to make their own shade variation pattern as the light reflects off their surface. Crushed velvet also creates its own unique patterns on its surface, which can be subtly altered simply by brushing your hand across the soft, tactile surface.

Velvet and crushed velvet is the fabric of royalty. It is decadent and opulent with the ability to add a touch of class to bedrooms by its mere presence. Velvet is also considered to be a romantic fabric due to its alluring seductiveness, again making it the perfect choice for a bedroom window dressing. Available in a range of sumptuous colours these window blinds are ideal for modern and traditional styles of home. Dim-out or blackout lining for curtains or blinds can be added to the list of attributes velvet Roman blinds offer to make your bedroom a classy, relaxing place to rest and sleep.

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