What types of mattresses are there?

Sleep is very important, so it's just as important to ensure where you sleep meets your needs. Sleeping in the wrong position can wreak havoc on your back and neck, causing chronic pain. So you need to make sure you choose a mattress with the right level of comfort for you.


Here are the different mattress types worth considering:


Micro Quilted has a machine stitched surface (usually in a shiny damask cover). This type of finish gives a softer feel to the surface of the mattress.



Tufted has a tie which goes completely through the mattress on both sides during production. As a by product of this finish the mattress has a firmer feel.


Pillow Top

Pillow Top very noticeable “pad” of fillings added to the mattress for extra comfort. Usually filled with wool , silk and similar upholstery.


Memory Topper

Memory Topper similar to a Pillow Top except the “pad” will contain varying density of memory foam filling. This again is to give a responsive and comfortable feel at the surface of the mattress.


Which is best?

Comfort is a measure which varies greatly between individuals and couples. However, if you prefer a firmer feel you will likely find that either a tufted mattress or one with an extra Memory foam “pad” will meet your needs. High quality mattresses at the top end of the price scale are produced with tufted surfaces, but it is a myth that ‘ties’ break frequently or that they can be felt enough through bed linen to cause any irritation.

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