What makes up a ‘divan set’? This might seem obvious but many people are still a bit unsure what this selling term actually means. Simply put, you buy both the mattress AND the base when you purchase a divan ‘set’, rather than sourcing and purchasing the two items independently of each other. So with that clear, here’s a breakdown of your divan choices:


Platform Tops

Basic, budget range divan bases tend to have platform tops and, as long as you have a good quality accompanying mattress, they offer excellent value for money. Typically you can expect to pay between £199-£599 for this type of base option - which essentially offers firm support, so if you’re purchasing at the lower end of the price range, it is worth investing a little extra in your mattress.


Padded Tops

Padded tops provide firm support, but benefit from a higher upholstery content on top, which prevents a firm base from feeling too hard. You will pay a little more for a padded top but the added touch of luxury in these bases provides a quality alternative to high-end sprung divans.


Sprung Edge Divans

These offer slightly softer support. Prices for a divan with this type of base will typically start around £499 and upwards and would definitely feature at the luxury end of the divan range. A sprung base will sink a little below your body weight when you are lying on it, so that the mattress & sprung base work together to absorb your body weight and keep your back, or more importantly your spine, straight and supported.


Firm Edge Divans

These offer a similar level of support to a sprung edge divan, but only the centre is sprung, giving slightly firmer support around the edges of the bed. If you find that as you lie on a divan bed, you experience the sensation of falling towards the edge, then the bed is too soft for you and you need higher spring count and upholstery levels, which a firm edge divan would provide and therefore be a more suitable option for you.

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