Divan beds are extremely versatile, as they can be bought with a variety of under bed storage options. Once you know what size bed you want, and have chosen a style then the last thing to consider is the storage options.

The space under a bed is extremely valuable, so it's worth making the most of it. It can be used to store clothes, additional bedding, or even old keepsakes or things you just can't part with.

divan storage

 Here are some of the options you should consider when choosing a divan bed:

  • Sliding - Moving panels on left or right giving access to all base storage area
  • 2 Drawers - on the left or right
  • 4 Drawers - equal size ( option for 2 smaller at head end-“continental storage”)
  • End Drawer - gives access to half of the base area from the foot end of bed
  • 1 sided - 2 drawers on the most convenient side of the bed
  • Ottoman - base with large lift up “lid” giving access to all base storage area

 2 myths regarding storage options are “it affects the comfort of the bed” and “you cannot have storage if you choose a sprung base option”. Both are untrue.