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Storage is really important, what bed provides the best storage options?

There are a number of different types of beds that provide a wide variety of storage options. Some beds hide away in a storage area with other drawers and are folded out at night. Other types of beds have built in storage. Finding the best bed for your needs means looking at all options. In many cases, it's a matter of how much room you have, how much storage you want and your personal preference.

Platform beds

Platform beds are higher up off the floor and beneath the mattress area often have drawers for storage. These are the simplest form of storage and many times the least expensive. A form of platform bed that's more ornate is a panel bed. Panel beds look like regular beds until you inspect the side panels, where you'll see drawers all around. While the platform bed sits on a platform without the embellishment of a head or foot board, the panel bed may have both and except for the drawers, look like any bed. Some platform beds have hinge that allows you to lift the entire mattress on a metal pallet exposing a large open storage area underneath.

Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds offer the most amount of storage space. These styles of beds have storage under the entire mattress. They are operated on a hinged system, either manually lifting the mattress or with gas. Once elevated the mattress is held in place on a ratchet style system, once you have stored or retrieved your items the mattress, complete with bedding, is lowered back into place. Also known as storage beds, Ottoman beds are becoming an increasingly popular storage solution in modern homes and small bedrooms.

Loft style beds

Loft style beds put the bed above the storage area, so you have more floor space. The loft is often used by college students who share a small dorm room with a someone. It allows each person to have a bed and a storage and work area. Some lofts have additional drawers while others just have an open space beneath them where you can put your own dressers or drawers. There are loft style beds that provide both storage and a bed in one piece of furniture. The bed is atop the large closet, dresser combination and you climb a ladder to it. It's a great deal of fun for young people, but can be intimidating and even impossible for older folks.

No matter which style of storage bed you choose, always ensure that you have the space for the drawers to pull out, particularly if you have a platform or panel bed. Some drawers pull out at the end, while others pull out from one or both sides. In a very small room, your dimensions are extremely important because they could deny you the access to your stored clothing or other items by confining the amount of space you have to open them. As mentioned above if space is tight an Ottoman bed may be a better storage choice.

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