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So how does memory foam work?

Memory foam products use heat sensitive technology that responds to the warmth and weight of your body, to create a surface that moulds to your contours. As you lie on the mattress, your body warmth affects the molecules in the foam and it “softens”, forming a supportive area around you that is specific to your weight and pressure points, ultimately providing all the necessary and desired support that you need for a restful night’s sleep.

memory foam2Memory foam gives a very comfortable feel for a wide spectrum of body and sleep types and when combined with pocket springs creates endless varieties of options and choices.

Once you get off a memory foam mattress, it will naturally cool and return to its former shape, making it a very durable and reliable product. Pillows made of similar material will do the same and it often pays to combine the two.


Memory Foam as a mattress covering or filling, has a reputation for being extremely warm and does not suit consumers who don’t like to be too warm when they sleep. Revisions and improvements since their introduction, therefore, mean that most current memory foam mattresses have removable and machine washable covers, such as Cool Max for instance, which diffuse heat more efficiently in order to minimise this aspect of Memory foam as a product, without compromising its performance and comfort levels.

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