Should I pay more for a better quality mattress? Is there really a difference?

There is a difference in quality among mattresses, but a higher price isn't always the way to identify it. Some companies actually charge far more because their name is well known, but it may be the same quality as a lower priced item that isn't a name brand. You need to know mattress terminology and what to look for when purchasing a mattress to do an apples to apples comparison.

Higher quality mattresses

True higher quality mattresses with better materials and more support will cost more than those with less padding or a difference in coil type. The higher quality ones will give you a better night's sleep and last longer, but there is a place for the less expensive ones. Small children who weigh far less than adults don't always require a mattress that has all the extra support, particularly if it's used for an intermediate bed that will be changed as they grow.

The other place where a less expensive mattress will do just fine is in a guest room. While the mattress will supply a comfortable night's sleep, you'll be wasting money on a more durable mattress in an area where it doesn't get much wear. Don't be deterred by the casing, it really doesn't matter. You want a well constructed strong mattress, but a luxury fabric on the outside is simply a waste of money, just as a specific colour is. Nobody will see the mattress unless they're helping you change the sheets. In which case, they're probably already close enough friends not to care or already sleeping in the bed with you.

Coil count

Coil count makes a difference. You should always choose a coil count that's at least 390 or more. Above that number, there's very little difference in the support and comfort provided by the mattress. The thicker the coil, the firmer the support. There are additional materials to provide padding over coils and those also make a difference in sleep quality and price. The mattresses with special coil types are often more expensive and do make a difference.

A Bonnell coil mattress has all the springs linked together, while the pocket coils are independent springs. Anyone who has ever slept in a water bed with a partner understands exactly what motion transfer is. You'll be less likely to be disturbed by a bed partner's movement through motion transfer with the pocket coil. The same holds true with newer types of mattresses, such as memory foam, gel foam, foam and latex.

Mattress materials

Mattresses are available in other materials and don't use coils.

  • Polyurethane foam mattresses are often the least expensive, particularly if you get one with less density. The lower density ones provide little support and are more susceptible to compression, which can make a thick mattress look extremely thin after time. Denser foam is better in this case.
  • Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is temperature sensitive. It was created for astronauts and forms to the body by becoming less firm with body temperature. It cups the body, but returns to it's original position after you leave the bed. Newer memory foam mattresses respond to pressure and move with the weight of your body. One problem with most foam mattresses is that they often are warm because they trap heat, making sleep uncomfortable. To eliminate the problem, gel foams were created, lowering the temperature by as much as 15%.
  • Latex is one more option and are made without petrochemicals. They are far more costly, since they're made from natural latex, but some people believe they're healthier than a foam alternative. These types of mattresses have more bounce and tend to withstand more pressure with fewer problems of compression.

While the type of material used matters a great deal in the quality of the mattress, the price doesn't always identify quality. Many mattresses are marked up quite high in stores, which is why you often find our site selling them so much cheaper for the same brand. We believe you should have the best for less and ensure we bring it to you at the lowest possible price.

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