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Importance of Mattress Quality

Don't Compromise - The most important piece of advice that I could offer you above and beyond all the technical specifications, is not to compromise on quality.

mattress-qualityA new mattress should be seen as an investment not an expense. A good mattress can last up to 10 years +, so it's worth making a serious investment in your new purchase.

This doesn't mean buying the most expensive mattress on the market, just the best that you can afford. Even if you're working within a budget, you should aim to buy the best that your budget will allow.


Price is reflected in quality when it comes to mattresses and it therefore follows that the more expensive your mattress is, the higher the quality of the fillings and fabric coverings used in its construction will be. Good quality fillings, combined with good quality coverings, work together to provide a great night's sleep, and afford the consumer the benefit of waking up refreshed and ready for the new day ahead.

If you break it down over a ten year period, then in reality every £100 that you spend on a mattress, represents just 2.7p a night over those 10 years - a small price to pay for a good night's sleep wouldn't you say?

Mattress Fillings

  • Today mattresses are manufactured using a range of fillings, designed to provide comfort & support.
  • All mattresses manufactured for the UK market are designed to pass UK regulated flammability tests which are far more stringent than those of Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Polyester is the most popular filling of choice as it is non-allergenic and can be manufactured to a range of weights, densities and thicknesses to provide variable comfort levels.
  • Felt, manufactured from re-cycled textile fibres, is generally used as an insulator and covering for firm spring mattresses as it provides a good foundation.
  • As mattresses increase in complexity of construction and therefore quality, more and more natural fibres are incorporated into the mattress including Wool, Silk, Cashmere, Horse Hair, Camel hair and Coir Fibre (Coconut) etc., etc. Mattress design and technology has never been more innovative.
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