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I have a small bedroom, what bed is best for me?

Finding the best possible bed for your small bedroom might feel like it's impossible, particularly if you need a double or full size bed. It's not. There are some tricks that can help you find the best one that will also allow plenty of room to walk through the room and never leave you feeling claustrophobic and crowded.

Checking the floor plan

One simple trick is to check all types of floor plans and ways to place the bed so there's maximum space. While you might be used to it with the headboard on one wall, that doesn't mean that having the headboard at an angle in the corner is impossible. Just rearranging the room mentally, ensuring you also use measurements if you don't already have the bed, can create a more wide open appeal.

Bed space saving options

Many college students solve the bedroom space problems with lofts. These involve putting the bed up higher and leaving the space underneath for a desk or storage. There are also beds that sit atop storage, with some being quite high as part of a bed cube, which has a built in wardrobe and dressers.

The same concept holds true for siblings that bunk together, bringing us to beds which are appropriately called bunk beds. Stacking the bed on top, is a room saving idea that is perfect for a small area.

Sofa bed options

A sofa with a hidden bed folded away, futon or hidden bed that folds away into a cabinet, are also space saving ideas that are particularly good for those who have a one room flat or studio apartment. These pieces of furniture allow the room to look less crowded or make it visitor friendly while you still have a traditional bed to sleep in at night. Even though they're often used for single room apartments, you can use the same concept for a smaller bedroom.

There are some amazing pieces of furniture that provide wardrobe, drawer space and sometimes a desk area for a smaller room, with a pull out bed at the bottom. The bed, when closed, looks like a drawer, but with one easy pull is ready for sleep. In the morning, just make up your bed if you have time and close the drawer. If you haven't made your bed and company comes, it's easy to make the room look nice quickly with one easy push.

Under bed storage

You don't have to hide the bed or make it disappear when you eliminate extra dressers and storage areas. Beds with under the bed storage drawers can eliminate a few of the extra pieces of furniture in your room and leave plenty of space you didn't realise you had. In many cases, these beds provide all the extra storage you need, leaving the rest of the room open for the bed or other types of furniture, such as a desk.

To make your room look larger and less cluttered, get a bed with a smaller headboard or one with shelving that allows the light to flow through. Heavy wooden headboards may look elegant, but they also eliminate some of the opportunities for changing the direction of the bed. See through shelving can allow light to pass through and give a more spacious look, just as a smaller headboard does.

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