How will I receive my bed?

When ordering from Terrys Fabrics, be aware that you'll have to do some assembly. It's a huge benefit to you for a couple of reasons.

First, it costs less to ship it that way, saving you money. The bed is ready to assemble and in boxes with the mattress, if one is included, separately wrapped. This type of shipping helps keep everything clean through the process and prevents scratching and soil accumulation on the way. It also takes less space to ship, so the price is far less.

The second advantage is that it makes it easier for you to place the bed exactly where you want it. Unless you hire a special shipper that would cost a fortune, they'll only deliver the bed to your doorway, after that it's up to you to move it inside and to the bedroom. By taking the bed apart, it allows you to move part of the bed at a time to it's final location, making it easier to relocate. You don't have to assemble it immediately either, because it takes less space and can easily be stored until you're ready for it's final destination. That makes it a great option for anyone that is in the process of redecorating, but wants to make sure their bed is ready when the job is done. It's easily stored and ready when you are and when left in the packing, allows you to store it without worry of scratches or marks.

Don't worry about assembling the bed, it's very easy to do. Not only are the instructions easy, all the parts are clearly labelled and they go together very easily. It also helps you later, if you decide to move the bed. You know how it went together and taking it apart and relocating it will be simple. If there are drawers in the bed, they slide in easily after assembly, so you can find the perfect spot, assemble the bed in that spot and see whether your decision was the best before putting in the drawers. That allows you to move it to various places in the room without the additional weight. As for the mattress, you simply lay it on top of the bed, pop on the bedding and you're ready for a good night's sleep.

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