It is fair to say that choosing the right mattress is crucial to getting a great night’s sleep. A mattress, whether it is on a divan base or a metal or wooden frame, is the real foundation for rest, recuperation and good back support.
mattress and cash 

On average we use our mattress for approximately 8 hours in every 24, which is over 120 full days over the year. Therefore you should expect a lot from them performance wise, and wouldn't want find them uncomfortable after a few months of use.  So take your time decide what is best for you and choose wisely, taking into consideration the type of support you need as well as durability, care & maintenance and cost. 


Consider this:


Cost of Mattress Cost per Night Cost per Week Cost per Year
£399 £0.10 £0.70 £36.40
£499 £0.13 £0.95 £49.40
£599 £0.16 £1.14 £59.28
£699 £0.19 £1.40 £72.80


You need your mattress to support you and make you feel refreshed and re-invigorated to face the next day! The above amounts are based on the average use of a new mattress over a 10 year period, but essentially, the more you invest in your mattress, the better quality it will be and the longer it will ultimately last.

If you look at the figures above for a mid-range priced mattress, you will see that for not much more than the price of a loaf of bread per week, you could be sleeping in luxurious comfort, combined with the correct amount of physical support and longevity.