How do I decide what size bed to go for to suit my room?

When choosing a bed size for your room, you have several considerations. The first is the size of bed you need to accommodate the sleepers comfortably. A single bed will be cosy, but two people can't move throughout the night, making sleep almost impossible. Two average size people can easily fit into a double bed, but for larger individuals, king beds may be more suitable for a good night's sleep.

Sleeping patterns

Having the right bed size also varies if you are an active sleeper who tosses and turns. Even if you sleep alone, a single bed might not allow for that much activity and you'll end up on the floor. A three quarter/small double or larger might be more appropriate and give you a better night's rest. Couples that have one or both members who actively sleep, also need to consider a larger bed size to give them room to toss without interrupting the sleep of their partner or even hurting them.

Bedroom size

The size of the bedroom also dictates the size of the bed. That's why taking measurements first is so important. Even if you and your partner are large and active sleepers, if the bigger bed won't fit in the room or leaves no space for opening doors, other furniture or walking, it's not a good choice. Before you dismiss the idea of a larger bed, consider all decorating possibilities.

Could you turn it a different way, angle it or push it close to the wall to create a new arrangement that offers more room? Could a less ornate frame add to the space? Would a bed frame with storage free up extra space that would normally be used with a dresser? The size of bed you have is important to your night's sleep, so trying every option is mandatory.

Bed as the focal point

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so you want it to be of an appropriate size. If you have a larger bedroom, you can easily use a larger bed to fill it. Having more bed than you need, in most cases, is far better not having enough space to sleep. The exception to this rule comes with the person who moves frequently. A large bed, in this case, can eliminate many potential obstructions when moving, based on the bedroom size.

Bedroom decor

The right type of décor can make the bed seem more prominent and balance a smaller bed to a larger room. Bedroom furnishings to create a private area, such as a sitting table and chair, can take up much of the space. Dividing the room with screens to create a dressing area is another way to make a smaller bed fit easily into a big space without being overwhelmed.

A little creativity can change the amount of area you need to fill with the bed and allow you to have a bed that fits you perfectly, particularly if you're on the move and don't know your next bedroom size.

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