What is tog rating?

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The rating to determine the proper weight of the duvet needed for the desired amount of warmth during the seasonal weather is known as the tog rating. It is a means of measuring the insulating value of various materials such as cotton, wool, silk and other fabrics used in the manufacture of duvets.

Duvets are the coverings for bedding; everyone uses a duvet, from babies to adults so it is important to use the proper weight of duvet for the weather and comfort level of the individual. The Shirley Togmeter method of measurement is used by the Shirley Institute to measure tog rating and it consists of a set of metal plates that measures the air pressure difference between the plates and the air above the duvet.

Duvet Tog Sizes

Tog ratings are also applied to the material that underlays carpeting for homes and garments in the textile industries. As the range of temperatures varies with seasonal changes and geographical location, the need for accurate tog ratings of bedding, clothing and other items are well known. After all, who wants to be shivering under a lightweight duvet of a 3.04 to 4.5 tog rating when the rains of spring are pouring down and the wind has a banshee howl? Better to choose the spring and autumn weight of 7 to 10.5 for warmth during these seasons.

The heaviest rated tog duvet is that of the winter weight, which ranges from 12 to 15 tog. Interestingly enough, the rating of the Shirley Togmeter is designed to measure the thermal units assuming that no clothing is worn underneath the duvet. When pyjamas or other clothing is worn during sleep along with the duvet, the tog rating naturally will be increased.

The materials used in the construction of the duvet and mattress material can also make a difference in the weight and thickness of the duvet needed for sleeping. It is important not to have babies or young children under a duvet that may be unsuited for the temperatures during that season because it can result in illness. Having the right tog rating and duvet set can help your family to sleep well and obtain the rest they need to remain healthy. However, for young ones you should consider function in terms of duvet inner as well as the fun and quirkiness of childrens duvet covers

Considering Bedding Choices

For those not familiar with duvets and tog ratings, this can be quite confusing. It is also important to remember the temperature conversions may be very different from someone from the Americas to become accustomed to. The best bet is to pay attention to the tog ratings recommended for each season. The use of duvets and the basic understanding of the tog rating system is important because if you are too hot or too cold you won't get a good night's rest.

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