What nursery and childrens bedding is available, and what ages are these appropriate for?

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Nobody is left out when it comes to bedding at Terrys. We have something for all ages, so you always know where to shop as your child grows, because we have the décor to let their room grow with them. From their first bed until they leave the house, there's something here for everyone.

Nursery blankets

For the nursery, there are soft, easy care blankets and shawls that will help keep your baby warm and comfortable. They come in neutral shades to add a soothing touch and are a stylish addition whether your child is a boy or a girl. Some of the soft fleece blankets have embroidered features to embellish the blanket, such as Elli the Elephant and Raffe the Giraffe. Ellie and Raffe.

They come with matching quilts, cot bumpers, cot blankets, fitted sheets and buggy blankets for a cohesive décor that not only baby, but everyone will love. You can even start your little one on the road to patriotism with a Union Jack blanket or use it for special holidays.

Baby In Bed In The Morning

Childrens bedding

As your child grows, our selection will grow with him or her. Whether you have a dinosaur lover or a Willy Wonka fan, we have the bedding to fit their interest. The bedding is inexpensive enough to change as the child's interest changes. Branded bedding is available for every age. Hello Kitty will please your child with the easily recognisable Hello Kitty going on adventures from safaris to sailing.

From cushion covers to duvet covers, every Hello Kitty enthusiast will appreciate her smiling face and lovable friends. The Roald Dahl collection will please your favourite book enthusiast. They don't have to be old enough to read to love the listening to you read them the stories of Charlie, BFG, Enormous Crocodile or Matilda every night. These collections have something for the entire room, whether you want cushion covers, duvet cover or curtain fabric.

Toddler Getting Out Of Bed

Super heroes, wild west bedding, pirates and other themes adorn cushions and duvet covers with complementary fabric for curtains to complete the décor. The ages for these themes vary from child to child, based on your little one's interest. These are inexpensive enough you can have several different themes and with a quick change of the duvet and cushion cover, create a new look.

Teen bedding

We don't forget those tweens and teens with our collections. We have themed bedroom accessories for both. Football bedding and astronauts are popular for all ages, while butterflies and wish upon a star add a softer, whimsical touch for this age group. There are sophisticated looks for the older teen, such as the Zara embroidered wine duvet set and a homey patchwork quilt to make the room cosy. With icon, monkey business and DON'T WAKE ME UP! suitable for even mum and dad.

Grey, Pink And Yellow Bedding

Choosing the right bedding once the child is out of the nursery, is more related to the child's interest than age, in many cases. Your techy and music lover will be delighted with the headphones bedding and others will appreciate kitten, cars and cupcake themes.

Have fun with the room or better yet, browse through the selection with your child. Kids of all ages, including grown-ups, love looking at all the selections to create their own inner sanctum with a special design that reflects their interest and personality.

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