How do I Accessorise My Bed to Make it Look Just Right

Terry Baskeyfield | Updated

When it comes to home décor and adding the final finishing touches many people forget to consider that their bedroom is just as important as any other room in the house. In most homes the kitchen has a great deal of time and money spent on it; while the lounge will probably have the most energy and thought put into the finished design, but quite a few of us forget that the bedroom is a vital part of the home and also needs careful consideration given to its décor. When you consider that you might spend up to 1/3rd of your life in your bedroom then it probably makes good sense to make it a warm and welcoming place to be. Okay, so perhaps for a lot of that time you will probably be fast asleep but why not take the opportunity to sleep in an area that is comfortable and relaxing?

Adding accessories to your bedroom need not be a huge chore or be a great expense. It should most certainly be an exciting challenge and not just an afterthought. If you are starting with a bare room or blank canvas, then your task will be much easier as you can choose your colour scheme and bedroom furnishings to compliment each other before you buy. If however, you are simply adding accessories to an existing bedroom then don’t worry as this too is an easy fix and stunning effects can be achieved with just a little thought and preparation.

Before you start decide on the feel or ambience that you want to create for yourself, think about what sort of things you might do in your room. Obviously sleeping is the main one but do you watch TV in bed or do you read before you turn in for the night, are you a romantic dreamer or a minimalistic and orderly sort? On the other hand if you are decorating a child’s room or the room of a teenager then do they need space for computers or toys or TV’s? Are they the type of child who will want cushions and throws or are they the type who need a minimalistic space? These questions need to be asked for any and all bedrooms before you start to accessorise. When you know what sort of use you want from your bedroom then it is time to add the accessories that will create the look you need.

Start with your bedding and work from there, again if you beginning from scratch in a bare room then this may be easier, but if you are simply adding to your existing décor then that too is quite easy to do. Take a long look at the designs and styles that you have either already chosen or that you think you might want to add. These designs will give you an idea of what your personal tastes are and you should be guided by these opinions. We have all looked at a friend’s room at some point and though how wonderful it looked, but you must be careful as what one person might consider as warm and welcoming another might see as gaudy and overly loud. Be guided by what colours, patterns and designs draw your eye and choose items that give you pleasure.

When you have decided what style and design you are going to opt for then the fun really begins. Take a little time to look at all the options available to you. Online shopping is brilliant for this as you can shop in your own time and at your leisure to find the items that you need. Look for bedding, cushions, throws and rugs that will create your own personal space. You need to decide whether you want to be bright and colourful or subdued and mellow, traditional or modern and choose accordingly.

Most bedding sets come with matching pillow cases, but it might be a nice idea to change it up a little by adding coordinating pillows that bring a different dimension to your bed. Try adding a pile of randomly shaped cushions in matching designs or colours to add visual impact to your bed.

Many of us like to see a tidy and orderly room and if a pile of cushions or a draped throw would send you into panic then don’t worry you can still have lovely coordinating accessories, you just need to place then differently. Instead of randomly piling your cushions just add one or two coordinating cushions that you can place in a more strategic way, perhaps at the head of the bed just over the pillows.

When it comes to adding a throw or two, don’t despair as this also can be done by simply folding your throw, or throws, carefully and placing them across the middle or end of the bed in an orderly way. In this manner you can add the touch of colour and texture whilst still maintaining your naturally ordered style. Draping a designer throw invitingly across the end of the bed gives a relaxed, causal look, while add a bed runner placed neatly across the lower third of the bed provides hotel chic style.

We have touched briefly on what you might need to add for comfort in the bedroom and as many of us sit in bed to watch TV or read then consider that you might want to add some cushions that will give good back support for these times. A beautiful warm throw will also be a good addition for those colder evenings or mornings when you might want to drape them across your feet or across your shoulders.

Remember though that when you add cushions and throws that you will need to take them off when not in use and replace them again when you make your bed, so if you are the type of person who might consider this a waste of precious time then stick to a more minimal number of cushions and just one throw that can easily be placed onto the bed without any fuss or bother.

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