Do certain bedding sizes work better with certain bed sizes?

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There are a number of different sizes from which to choose in both bedding and mattresses. Sometimes these sizes vary from country to country and even within certain companies. It's easiest if you know the measurements before you start to shop. Some companies have varying sizes of mattresses, which can cause your bedding to fit poorly or not at all. Euro top mattresses offer a problem with height for fitted sheets and often need special sheets specifically made for their size.

Different Bedding Sizes

Measuring your mattress

If you aren't sure about your mattress size, you can measure it. The easiest way is to put a board on each side of the mattress and measure from the inside of one board to the inside of the other. Then take those same two boards and put one at the head of the bed and one at the foot. You'll normally come up with one of the standard sizes.

Single bed mattresses are 90 to 91cm x 190cm, approximately 35” X 75”. Small double or three quarter beds measure 120cm x 190 cm (47”X 75”). Standard double mattresses measure 135 cm X 190 cm (53”X 75”). King beds are 150 cm X 200 cm (60”X79”) and super king is 180cm X 200 cm (70”X 79”). Use those dimensions to guide you to the right size when hunting for bedding.

Some bedding gives the measurements of the bed and then add 30 cm to it. It insures you'll have adequate coverage throughout the night, but the bed will still have tidy appearance. Fitted sheets will often give a depth, besides the length and width. That's because not all mattresses are the same depth. Euro top mattresses, for instance, are far deeper and often require special bedding, particularly fitted sheets, to insure a good fit.

Duvet cover sizes and other bedding

While the fitted sheet needs to be exact, you have a little room for play with the other bedding. Duvets will be larger than the bed to hang over the edge and keep you cosy and warm at night. If your present duvet does not fit your bed well, before you purchase a cover measure it.

The cover should be larger than the duvet. Sheets made for standard size beds will also be larger than the bed itself. It provides extra bedding to tuck in at the top, bottom and sides or allows for extra hang over the edges of the bed to keep you covered all night long even if you toss and turn frequently.

Two Bed Pillows

Pillow case sizes

Most pillowcases will fit most average pillows, but there are always exceptions. If you've purchased a king or queen pillow, it will be bigger than the average and needs a cover to accommodate it. There are a number of different types of pillow cases, besides having different sizes. The housewife pillow case fits snugly to the pillow and has an interior flap or buttons to keep the pillow closed at the end.

The bag style pillowcase, the type you normally find, has one end open, making it easier to slide the pillow inside. If you see a pillow case that's an Oxford style, it has a decorative ruffle or edging that adds a touch of elegance to the décor, but an average size pillow still fits snugly inside.

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