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For those of you who are big animal lovers either cat or dog and make them just as important a part of your home wanting to give them a life of luxury, then there are plenty of fantastic interiors and home decor idea’s in this category page to be in awe of. Here you’ll find a variety of our latest online articles tailored to all the exclusive pet themed decor idea’s from furnishing to wall art and other feline or canine themed home accessories.

Beautify Your Home Using Fish

Mesmerising, calming and beautiful, fish tanks can be used throughout your home to add visual interest and colour. Gone are the days of a solitary goldfish swimming round in a bowl looking forlorn, today you can beautify your home with some amazing aquariums built into walls and furnishings. Master Bedroom: Fino MLG Top Gaze at…Read More »

What To Put In Your Fireplace, Apart From A Fire

Fireplaces are bang on-trend, however, if you have one do you really want the hassle and mess of a real fire? If the answer’s ‘No’, then what do you put in the otherwise void space? Here are some suggestions to help you decide! Imgfave Fireplaces make great places to store books. Room for Tuesday A…Read More »

10 Of This Year's Best Additions To Your Home

Remodelling your home takes on a whole new meaning if you follow interior design trends. This year there are some fabulous ways to improve your home and your quality of life.   1# A garden guest house I Joist Flooring Having a separate little house designed especially for guests is one of the biggest trends…Read More »

Egg-actly The Right Kind of Eggs for Your Home

Ditch the chocolate eggs this Easter and go for eggs with a little more longevity. There’s some truly wonderful egg-inspired furniture and furnishings that won’t leave you with egg on your face!   Chair Blog An egg box sofa will be more like sitting on egg shells than walking on them!   IMWM These hard…Read More »

Don't Leave Your Pet Out in the Cold This Christmas

Don’t leave your pet out in the cold this Christmas; show him, or her, that you really care and have gone to extreme lengths to make sure they enjoy the festive season too.   Seapets A fluffy fabric Christmas pudding makes a great bed for a mouse or hamster.   Good to Know Give your…Read More »

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