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If your eye and personal taste for interiors and home decor is very much drawn to a much more extravagant and luxurious way of styling any part of the home, then there are a broad variety of quality luxuriously themed interiors covered for you to have a sneak peak at. Discover everything from regal living spaces to classy bathroom and entertainment spaces that are to appeal and inspire you.

Guilty Pleasures – 10 of The Most Luxurious Showers

1# Indulgy Walk through and be sprayed with water from every angle for the ultimate showering experience. This style of showers takes up quite a lot of space, so you’ll have to have a pretty large bathroom to accommodate it.   2# Soapfrenzy Go frame-less and indulge in a series of ceiling to floor rain…Read More »

15 Amazing Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases are ideal for economising on space. They can also add real interest to a room, especially when they have stunning design like these. Pinterest The simple, stylish design of these spiral stairs shows great craftsmanship. ABR Home The flickering flame style inserts help to draw your eye up-ward and around the curve of…Read More »

10 of The Most Outrageous Home Amenities

When money or space is no object luxury home owners can indulge is some of the most outrageous home amenities that most people only come across while on holiday! To show signs of wealth the top ten ‘must-have’ home amenities are:   1# Bowling alley Fusion Bowling An indoor bowling alley doesn’t come cheap, but…Read More »

The Drinks Are On The House! - Best Home Bars

Home bars aren’t those odd little drinks cabinets that lurk in the corner of the lounge or dining room – today they’ve been given their own space or own dedicated room; as drinking at home, along with high class entertaining, is becoming increasingly fashionable. We’re not talking about swigging a can in front of the…Read More »

Oh Baby! Are These Luxury Nurseries For Real!

A new baby is a stressful time for parents. Undoubtedly they want the best of everything in the nursery. Luxury living holds no bounds, neither does the amount of money they lavish on decorating the nursery and filling it with the best money can buy in terms of furniture and furnishings!   Love This Pic…Read More »

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